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What’s so special about Aged Garlic?

What’s so special about Aged Garlic? | Mr Vitamins
Cultivated as both a food and medicine, Garlic and Aged Garlic have been used in culinary and herbal traditions for thousands of years. As well as being eaten, Garlic is traditionally used internally to prevent colds and flu, and externally as a wound healer.

Garlic use goes back in time

  • Sanskrit records show Garlic use 5000 years ago.
  • In China, Garlic has been used as a food and medicine for over 3000 years
  • In Ancient Egypt, Garlic was used to increase workers’ resistance to infections and following battle, to prevent wounds from becoming infected
  • Throughout World Wars I and II, Garlic was used to treat gangrenous wounds and to prevent infection.

Garlic now found to be antioxidant

Interestingly, as modern science has evolved, so too has our understanding of how garlic works in your body. Not only has Garlic been proven as an Immune booster and Antibacterial agent, but its action as an Antioxidant has now been discovered (and therefore its benefits to heart and cardiovascular health). Along with science though, a new understanding of Garlic and its beneficial effects has developed. Key to this is the understanding that not all garlic is the same.

The trouble with fresh Garlic

Fresh Garlic degrades quickly once chopped. This means that the sooner you eat it, the more benefit you will gain. Sadly, this also means that garlic quickly changes its chemical structure when heated. It degrades and loses its ability to act as an antioxidant. In fact, garlic becomes a pro-oxidant as it turns from white to brown on your chopping board (a process known as oxidation). Pro-oxidants encourage the development of nasty free radicals, small molecules that can go on to do damage to your cells and organs if left unchecked.

Enter Aged Organic Garlic

In response to this natural process of degradation, scientists discovered a way to stabilise garlic whilst preserving all its healing qualities. What they in fact found was a way to enhance Garlic’s properties whilst maintaining its purity. They did this by aging organic Garlic in a temperature and moisture controlled environment for up to 20 months.

Aged Garlic Extract shown to reduce blood pressure

Following this discovery over 40 years ago, Aged Garlic Extract has been the subject of more than 700 studies, the most recent having been carried out by the University of Adelaide. This study concluded that Aged Garlic Extract helps to reduce blood pressure in those whose high blood pressure cannot be lowered to safe levels by medication alone.

No more Garlic breath with Aged Garlic

Aged garlic extract, as well as being more potent (due to the development of a new antioxidant not found in fresh garlic, S-Allyl-Cysteine), also prevents the unpleasant effects often experienced when we eat Garlic in our food. Garlic breath, for instance, an unpleasant side effect resulting from consuming fresh garlic, is not experienced when you consume Aged Garlic. Neither is the indigestion many of us feel when we eat a little too much pasta or garlic bread!

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