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Streets of Adelaide – Old Soldier Going Home. ANZAC tribute song

Streets of Adelaide – Old Soldier Going Home. ANZAC tribute song | Mr Vitamins
A good friend of Mr Vitamins, Singer, Songwriter, Community Radio Announcer, ex-South Aussie, Nyck Jeanes has released an incredibly moving song about his father, a highly decorated WWII soldier.

Honouring the memories of a soldier who served

As is typical with many military families, the returned Veteran says very little about the experiences of war, and often holds something of themselves at arm's length from their families.  Thus it was that Nyck found when his father passed away, he knew almost nothing about his Dad’s experiences.  South Australian, Lieutenant Colonel Mervyn Roderick Jeanes was a highly decorated soldier who served with great distinction in Benghazi, El Alamein and New Guinea during WWII. Listen to Nyck's moving ballad below...

In Nyck Jeanes' words...

'Recently shows like Four Corners are acknowledging the unspoken suffering and trauma of war that can affect families for generations, something that my personal experience of my WWII hero dad speaks to.
As we come to the 100th anniversary of the Anzacs, this true story and song about dad, one of the most decorated soldiers of WWII is a tribute and reminder – a ballad that will appeal far and wide. Not pro-war or anti-war, but a reflection on longing and loss, and what might have been. Why did I never ask? To all Anzacs – to all soldiers young and old going home. Guarantee it's worth a listen and a look and a story worth telling.'
Returning from the war Nyck's father established a good life in the city of Adelaide. But he was forever traumatised by what he had experienced as a brave Anzac soldier in these theatres of war. In the years that followed before he died in the mid-1970s, he led his battalion of soldiers in the streets of Adelaide on Anzac Day.