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5 simple tips from the honeybee to prepare for the Silly Season

5 simple tips from the honeybee to prepare for the Silly Season | Mr Vitamins
Spring has sprung, with summer and the Silly Season now on countdown. As the Queen Bee of your hive (aka your Home), if you are prepared for summer, the more abundant your life might be and the more you will be appreciated (by your family of course!). Enjoy these 5 simple tips from the humble honeybee to prepare your home for Summer:

1. Bee Prepared for the Silly Season

It's worthwhile watching Bees as they prepare their hives and their community to spring into summer. They are busy cleaning out any winter mess, getting the hive prepared for the peak of summer and making sure everyone is in top form for the working days ahead. The hexagonal honeycomb is an extraordinary structure that ensures the strength and durability to store and protect their food. Do you protect your food as well as the honeybee?

2. Detox your Pantry

Clearing out your house of clutter is important, however your panty is the most important. Spring is a great time to clear out unwanted, expired foods, herbs and even your supplements. Make time to refresh with products to boost health and harmony this spring.

3. Weed, Feed & Seed

It’s a common Naturopathic expression to:
  • Get rid of the old
  • nourish the good and
  • encourage the good to grow
This phrase can relate to various concepts – from the garden to children’s behaviour to bacteria in the body. Spring is a great time to follow these simple rules in your daily diet and around your home. Bees make sure the hive has plenty of food for the spring – which can translate to making sure your brood have a plenty of good nourishment, boost the immune system to stay healthy, as days become more hectic and silly season arrives.

4. Choose Abundant Wholefood

Bees are the only insects that create food for humans and of course for themselves! Honey is the perfect, NATURAL wholefood with micronutrients including protein, enzymes, amino acids and minerals. Bees work hard on creating an abundance of honey for their own use and for us. They work in perfect harmony, pollenating and creating enough honey to feed everyone.

5. Prepare Power Meals

Instead of takeaways – create Power meals on Sunday evenings to boost family health for the week ahead. Most athletes have this concept down pat – but may not look at digestion and actual wholefood nutrients. Use foods that have the maximum amount of goodness. Use fresh herbs rather than dried, use honey rather than sugar. Try to use as many wholefoods as possible to stay healthy this spring. Remove table sugar and processed sugar from your household, but don’t remove the natural goodness of honey. Particularly… Manuka Honey with the goodness of naturally occurring methylglyoxal or MGO – which makes it unique! Manuka Health MGO™ 30+ Manuka Honey can provide a great tasting superfood for toast or MGO™ 400+ Manuka Honey for the 'top shelf' section of your pantry, where you keep all your vital supplements and superfoods.

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