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Red Algae Helps Build Strong Bones and Muscles

Red Algae Helps Build Strong Bones and Muscles | Mr Vitamins
Stress, diet, medication, age and a sedentary lifestyle all contribute to bone and muscle loss. Red algae, a calciferous coral, absorbs minerals like a sponge from the Atlantic Ocean. Algae has been used for centuries to enhance soil quality in order to grow healthy vegetables and crops. It doesn’t take a big leap of imagination to realise that what algae does for vegetables it can also do for your body by replenishing lost minerals, particularly when lost through exercise.

What's so special about Red Algae?

Red Algae is high in calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals. These minerals are essential to maintain bone density and support healthy muscle function. Over 75 percent of adults are deficient in magnesium and calcium. A lack of these minerals can cause;
  • muscle spasms
  • muscle weakness
  • bone loss or breakage
  • mood swings
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • nerve disorders
as well as more serious heart and digestive tract disorders Calcium, magnesium and Aquamin from Red Algae all play a big role in muscle recovery from intense workouts. Muscles need to both contract and release in order to function properly. Strenuous exercise or bodybuilding can cause these minerals to be lost through both sweat and urine making them vital to restore muscle function especially after workouts.

More natural ways to help keep bone and muscles healthy

  • Diet. Adding more leafy green vegetables, whole grains, fish, yoghurt and dark chocolate can up your mineral intake. Foods high in magnesium are: kale, Brazil nuts, almonds, beans, avocado, bananas and figs. Foods high in calcium are: bok choy, tofu, broccoli, sardines and garlic
  • Exercise. Getting adequate low impact exercise, at least twenty minutes a day five days a week, such as walking, yoga, tai chi or working with free weights all contribute to overall muscular health.
Your bones and muscles are the foundation of your body’s strength, keeping them nourished and strong will contribute greatly to leading a long active life. Ask a naturopath for more ways to prevent bone and muscle loss.