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Could your finances do with a boost?

Could your finances do with a boost? | Mr Vitamins
One way to boost your finances and health is to work on your Base Chakra.

Healthy Chakra Energy

A healthy chakra is one of sufficient size and energy to allow flow-through to the areas of your life that the chakra governs.

The Base Chakra flows energy through to your:

  • physical well being
  • musculoskeletal system
  • finances
  • community groups
According to Psychologist Abraham Maslow in his paper 'A Theory of Human Motivation': 'There are at least five sets of goals, which we may call basic needs. These are briefly physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualisation.” The base chakra is the one that directs energy to the first 2 needs: physiological and safety. Not having enough money makes it difficult to then realise your other needs such as self actualisation, as your focus remains on surviving within your current financial restraint.

So let’s increase the flow, and the finances!

The base chakra is the founBase Chakradation, it is about your basic needs in life, because without good health and resources you exist in survival mode. Low energy in this chakra can show as a lack of resources in life leading to things such as depression (lack of safety or motivation), ill health, pain and insufficient financial resources.

Are my Chakras OK?

Chakras are measured in relation to each other, bigger is better, and a smaller chakra or one running on less than full energy, can be a bottle neck at which flow is slowed down and problems are manifested related to that chakra. Your aim is to increase flow evenly through all chakras. The diagram compares the energy in the base chakra with the energy in the heart chakra. The left shows a depleted base chakra typically found in people who are between jobs, suffering illness or depression. See our article 7 Ways to Energise your Base Chakrafor suggestions on how to use essential oils, visualisation, exercise and being outdoors to energise your base chakra and bring more flow into your finances and health. Yes, you can choose to visualise or exercise your way to an increase in finances!

Learn more about your Chakras

For a report on the current state of your chakras, book in to see Maria for a Free Energy Body Analysis at the Mr Vitamins store.
Maria MitchellTo learn more about the fascinating world of Essential Oils and how they can heal on many levels including your Energy Body, join Maria in her popular Aromatherapy workshop – that focuses on Chakra balancing. Maria Mitchell is a qualified Aromatherapist and Herbalist whose passion has led her into teaching and writing about the healing power of Aromatherapy and Energy Healing. You can learn more about Maria here