What you really need to know about probiotics

ANatomy of human digestive systemWith so much talk about probiotics, it’s sometimes helpful to go back to basics, so here’s what you need to know...

What is a probiotic?

You might hear about probiotics being described as ‘good gut bugs’, they are actually bacteria that belong in your digestive systemand help keep you healthy. A healthy digestive system is a bit like a healthy garden; some plants provide shade and others flowers, each one has a different way of contributing to the total function of the garden ecosystem. Taking a good probiotic is like planting seeds in your gut ecosystem.

How do probiotics help your garden grow?

Probiotics improve the health of your digestive system which helps keep you healthy:
  • Help prevent ‘bad’ bacteria from establishing themselves in your body
  • Can reduce abdominal discomfort, bloatingand gas which makes for a happy digestive system
  • Improves the integrity of your gut lining, which needs to be healthy to absorb nutrients from your food
  • Some probioticstrains can increase the number of friendly bacteria in your gut to boost the total health of your internal garden
  • Specific probiotic strains can boost immune function and help with eczema

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