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Pure Green Coffee Bean for Weight Loss

Pure Green Coffee Bean for Weight Loss | Mr Vitamins
Australia has earned the unenviable reputation for being the fattest nation in the world1 More than nine million adults now regarded as obese or overweight. Enter pure green coffee bean extract – the latest resource that could help with the challenge to slim down a nation.

What exactly is a Pure Green Coffee Bean?

So while you have all heard of coffee beans you may not be so familiar with Pure Green Coffee Bean. In fact the green coffee bean is what you start with before the bean is roasted to become what many of us know and love as the ingredient that makes our daily caffeine hit.

Pure Green Coffee Bean's antioxidant benefits weight loss

Now in its pre-processed state the green coffee bean contains potent antioxidants in the polyphenol family, in particular chlorogenic acid. While green coffee has been widely promoted for its high level of antioxidants, it also appears to have very real benefits as a natural weight loss aid. This exciting new discovery appears to be linked to green coffee beans’ chlorogenic acid content.

Blood glucose lowered by Pure Green Coffee Bean so your body uses stored fat for energy

Chlorogenic acid appears to slow the release of glucose into the bloodstream after eating a meal. Glucose is stored in the liver as glycogen. Through a process known as glycogenolysis, an enzyme releases glucose into the bloodstream, which the body uses for energy. If glycogenolysis is inhibited, the body gets its energy from fat stores instead, converting fat into energy and encouraging weight loss. The reduction of blood glucose levels may also prove beneficial in reducing the symptoms of diabetes. Best of all, supplements of green coffee bean extract are decaffeinated. When green coffee bean extract is used in conjunction with a sensible eating plan and moderate exercise program, it has shown an average reduction in BMI (Body Mass Index) of six per cent over a two month period.