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Pregnancy health care fact sheet to keep you feeling great

Pregnancy health care fact sheet to keep you feeling great | Mr Vitamins
Ideally all of your nutrients are provided through a balanced, varied, nutrient-rich diet. However you may find this challenging at times from the stress of work, living a busy life, and the unfortunate reality that soils are no longer as nutrient dense. It’s important you cover all the bases; supplementation is often your best option!
  • Eat whole foods! Ditch the processed junk that will leave you nutritionally empty
  • Good quality protein is extremely important in pregnancy (lean meat, cooked fish/seafood, eggs, nuts, seeds, beans, well-formulated protein powders)
  • Enjoy complex carbs (whole grains) but avoid refined, processed carbs which can increase your blood sugar levels and also lack nutrition
  • Enjoy as many veggies as you can handle and choose fresh fruit over dried to prevent a spike in blood sugar
  • You caloric needs only increase by about 15% in pregnancy, so no need for a change in portion sizes. Does, “but I’m eating for two!” sound familiar?
  • A good preconception/pregnancy multivitamin will cover all of your increased nutrient requirements (B vitamins, iodine, iron, zinc, etc.)
  • Omega-3s contain DHA, a fatty acid important for your baby’s nervous system development
  • Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are generally required in greater amounts than what is provided in a multivitamin (otherwise the tablet would be huge!)
  • Ensure you receive plenty of nourishing rest
  • Manage stress levels. You don’t want high amounts of stress hormones passing through to your baby! Try yoga, tai chi, massage, aromatherapy, Epsom salt baths, etc. are all great options
MrV Blackmores Prgnancy Ca Mg D3Also see our articleCovering your Pregnancy Bases As always, any questions or concerns you have regarding  supplements for a healthy pregnancy, all you have to do is drop by Mr Vitamins and ‘Ask a Naturopath’.