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Water: The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health!

Water: The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health! | Mr Vitamins
With most of us now back in work mode after the summer break, now is the time to get really healthy again and give your body the single most important thing it needs for health, energy and vitality - good quality water.

The many benefits of hydration

You’ve probably heard it before, but it’s worthwhile revisiting some of the benefits of hydration and how drinking 3-4 litres of quality water per day can transform your life.
  • Energy - Did you know that when you are dehydrated by just 5%, most of you will experience a 25-30% loss of energy?
  • Weight Loss - Your brain literally does not distinguish between the sensations of thirst and hunger - they are both derived from lack of energy. By staying hydrated you tend to avoid overeating.
  • Clear skin - When you are dehydrated, your body preserves its water to supply critical organs such as the brain and heart, but limits water to peripheral organs such as the skin.
  • Anti-aging - The cause of premature aging is an over acidic, dehydrated body. Thus, hydrating your body with high quality alkaline water is a fantastic way to help your body detoxify and also slow down and reverse the premature aging process.
  • Alkalinity- When you drink filtered alkaline water you will notice that you feel a surge of health, energy and vitality. Your body is designed to be alkaline, however, when you eat and drink too many acid-forming foods and drinks (as we are prone to do at Christmas time), you put your body under an incredible strain to maintain its normal pH balance. By hydrating your body with good quality alkaline water, you can help maintain the alkalinity of your body, flush toxins and acids and increase energy and vitality levels.

So what's wrong with tap water?

The benefits of hydration are clear. But did you also know that your choice of water can impact your health and wellbeing? Regular tap water is known to contain toxins, bacteria, pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals - all of which rob your body of health. Tap water generally also has a low pH level, so its alkalinity is not great.

How do I get Good Quality Alkaline Water?

You can choose a water ionizer, which will provide healthy, alkaline water, but they are very pricey. If you are on a budget, why not look at the latest products from Cleansui - a new brand available in Australia and highly recommended by Mr Vitamins. Cleansui has earned the reputation of being Japan’s No.1 water filtration brand. The Cleansuibrand includes a range of premium quality filtration jugs, which remove unwanted contaminants - even bacteria - from your drinking water, whilst retaining the essential minerals for your health. Their secret is a proprietary hollow-fibre membrane filter, which effectively removes all of these microscopic particles. Included in the range are two Alkaline Water Filter Jugs, which provide you with clean, filtered alkaline water. Find out more about the Cleansui Water Filters here Learn about the high-tech filtration system that produces such good quality water ready to drink: Check them out today, at Mr Vitamins, and give yourself the gift of hydration this year!