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Nurture yourself: Parents remember… Everyday Me First!

Nurture yourself: Parents remember… Everyday Me First! | Mr Vitamins
As a parent you are often running around supporting everyone else with little time for yourself. When you constantly do this you deplete your energy and have less and less to give to your family and others. You forget to nurture yourself! In other words when your cup is full you have lots to give, when it is empty there is nothing to give. This is where ‘Everyday Me First’ comes in. If you spend some time nurturing and caring for yourself, then you have enough to give to your family and others.

But how do you nurture yourself first as a parent?

Here are some ideas:
  • Run a nice warm bath just for you. Put candles around, add some Epsom Salts and a pure Essential Oil. I love the Young Living range because they are 100% pure and therapeutic grade.
  • Spend some time massaging your body with an organic oil. When you massage each part, feel into it and sense how it is (stressed, relaxed) and what it is needing ie maybe your back is sore and needs an adjustment with a chiropractor. Or you need to give some attention to your feet.
  • Go outside into nature. Go for a walk along the beach or into the bush by yourself. Breathe in those beneficial negative ions that regenerate your body and give you a feeling that you really do nurture yourself.
  • Cook YOUR favourite meal. We often cook for everyone else, take time out to put together your favourite meal just for you. (Maybe it is something your Mum cooked for you when you were a child). Then sit down and enjoy every mouthful.
  • Play your favourite music.  When was the last time you got out your favourite CD's and listened to them?  Do it, lie on the coach and listen, or get up and dance.
  • Write your thoughts and dreams in a journal. Personally I love nothing more than getting up at 5am, doing some meditation and yoga and then writing in my journal. Have a go, it is such a special time of the day, and no one else is needing attention but you.
  • Make a date with yourself. If your children are little you may need to arrange for your partner or someone else to come and look after them for an hour or two. Or you can do it once the have gone to bed. Then spend some time caring for you.
Enjoy nurturing you first – you will surprised how much more energy you have at the end of the day