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Massage: The key to recovery after Injury

Massage after Injury PhotoAre you nursing an injury and feeling stiff, sore and unbalanced as a result?

I’m in too much pain for a massage!

Did you know that a massage could greatly improve how you cope with an injury? Smoothing out areas of muscle pain and tension AWAY FROM the site of the injury brings relief from the pain and improvement in flexibility.

What happens to your body when you get injured?

Usually when you get injured, your primary concern and treatment is focused on the actual injury site. The longer an injury takes to heal, the more likely it is that other parts of your body become unbalanced or affected. This can be due to restricted movement of the affected part or your body as a whole. You may have to limp or change gait, or be forced to use the opposite arm/hand to what is normal for you. An example is a person with a knee injury being forced to put their weight on the opposite leg, causing an imbalance through their pelvis and all the way up to their neck! Another example is a person with a broken arm or wrist in a sling and therefore, an immobilised shoulder, causing stiffness, tension and cramping in muscles of the back and neck.

How Massage can help you

Massage can relieve much of the discomfort associated with these kinds of injuries by improving lymphatic flow and smoothing out areas of muscle tension in the rest of your body. So, if you have, or have had an injury, and your leg, arm, back, shoulder, neck or whole body is stiff, sore and aching for a tune-up, book yourself in for a massage and experience the difference it can make.

Monica DucrouMonica Ducrou - Massage Therapist and Naturopath

Monica Ducrou is a highly qualified and effective Massage Therapist and Naturopath. Her sensitivity to her clients needs helps them recover from injury quickly and maintain their ongoing good heath and flexibility. Learn more about Monica here