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Fertility and Pregnancy: Can your pH level prevent conception?

Fertility and Pregnancy: Can your pH level prevent conception? | Mr Vitamins
Over recent years the focus on good health has emphasised your pH level, which is an indication of how acid or alkaline your body is. If you are too acidic there are potentially many adverse inflammatory health conditions, such as arthritis, that may result. The ideal pH is to be slightly alkaline. Les than 7 is considered acidic, whilst 7 is neutral and above 7 is alkaline.

Why is it important to be alkaline to improve fertility?

It is not well known that sperm thrive in a slightly alkaline environment with a pH of approximately 7.2 to 7.5. Yet for most of the month apart from a 72-hour window around ovulation time, the vagina’s pH is quite acidic at 3.4 to 4.5, making it hostile to the male sperm. During ovulation, however, the vagina manufactures cervical mucus, which increases its pH (making it more alkaline) and aids the sperm in swimming through the cervix to greet the egg. If the cervix mucus is too acidic, sperm will not gain entry and, therefore, deny any chance of successful fertilisation.The acidity of the mucus can be detected by a simple test after intercourse, to see if the sperm are surviving and swimming well. Reducing the acidity of the mucus can be achieved by consuming foods that alkalise your tissues.

How can I alkalise my tissues?

  • Reduce red meat and grains
  • Drink lots of water – filtered preferably
  • Reduce stress
  • Add lots of vegetables to your diet
  • Avoid too much sugar
  • Eliminate coffee/alcohol

The importance of a pre-conception fertility program

A healthy diet is the first priority, when considering having a child and a good pre-conception program should guide you on how to alkalise your tissues through healthy eating habits, so that the required pH is achieved and fertility is encouraged. Although there is not a great deal of scientific literature available about the benefits of an alkaline diet and its effects on fertility, it is well known by science that vaginal lubricants, which acidify the vaginal environment, have a negative impact on sperm motility and general health. I know of  several couples that stopped using vaginal lubricants and reported that they simply fell pregnant within the next couple of cycles. So ladies please no synthetic vaginal lubricants, if conception is a priority. If you are concerned that you may be too acidic, purchase some pH strips at Mr Vitamins, which you can use to test urine or saliva, this will give you an indication of how acidic your body is.

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