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Manuka Honey keeps your voice strong – sweet and simple

Manuka Honey keeps your voice strong – sweet and simple | Mr Vitamins

Singing the praises of Manuka Honey!

Manuka Health honey has some avid fans around the world – celebrities and singers that swear by MGO Manuka Honey for various reasons, including their vocal health. We can only begin to imagine what it's like to be performing vocals in Las Vegas, in the middle of the Nevada desert! Check out these great reports from members of the band 'Holes and Hearts'...

Quality vocal performance helped by Manuka Honey

Casey ~ Manuka Health has made performing in the entertainment capital of the world possible. 'Holes And Hearts' plays an average of 6 nights a week in 115 degree desert heat, no humidity. The weather here is extremely dry and is hard on your vocals. I searched high and low for a product that helped vocals and went into a local Las Vegas health food store and saw Manuka Health MGO 550+ honey.
The honey changed my life as a singer. I started by mixing two teaspoons of honey into a warm 8oz of water and would sip it till finished every morning. I started to notice my vocals were moistened, strong, and felt healthy.
I started to use the honey at shows as well, putting my normal honey water mixture into a canister and drinking a little bit before each set and it did wonders for me! The honey helps keep my vocals moistened and lubricated, also it keeps my throat clear and clean from the smokey casino lounges that we play in. Vegas is hard on vocal health because of the heat, dryness, and smoke that is often filled in the air, but Manuka Health MGO 550+
Manuka honey keeps my vocals going and we never will use anything else.

Manuka Honey can soothe the vocal chords so well

HOLESANDHEARTS2Riley ~ Las Vegas, a city known for unmatched parties, clubs, DJS, live music, magic shows, and overall, all forms of entertainment, is also the driest city in the U.S.A. According to the NOAA (national climatic data centre) Las Vegas receives such little rainfall a year, it is one of the few cities in America to actually be considered a desert! I'm one of the many entertainers in this easily admirable city, a singer, to be exact, and I perform six nights a week  with my band 'Holes and Hearts' in this overly heated and dried out city, and with anyone who has a basic understanding of how the human vocal chords work, you're probably wondering, how the hell does your voice keep up?
Well, my brother introduced me to this uncommon yet wonderful product, Manuka Honey, a true blessing in disguise. Ever since being introduced to Manuka honey, I no longer have to worry about the common problems singers face in dry heat.
Manuka Honey can soothe the vocal chords so well, that the effects are almost immediately noticeable and of course, patently beneficial! When I first started singing almost every day of the week, I would find my vocals to feel worn out, weak, and rusty. When I discovered Manuka Honey, my brother suggested taking a spoonful and making a warm tea day once a day. I started doing this, especially before and after shows, and I found my voice to feel stronger, brighter, and sleeker after a performance. I now use this technique to my own advantage and have been singing, jumping, and screaming on the Las Vegas strip every day of the week, gaining residencies and fans each new day, and if you don't believe me, well, come on down to a show and see for yourself!

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