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Is Organic Food Worth A Higher Price? Organic Food Week

Is Organic Food Worth A Higher Price? Organic Food Week | Mr Vitamins
With the rise in production of Organic Food and the associated higher cost to you, is there really any benefit in eating organic? Newcastle University in the UK completed an EU-funded 4-year study to determine the benefits of Organic versus Conventional in food production methods. Test crops of organic and conventional fruit and vegetables were grown and cows were reared for their milk. They found:
  • More antioxidants and less unhealthy fatty acids in the fruits and vegetables
  • Larger amounts of Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids
  • Higher levels of beneficial minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Chromium and Zinc.
  • The organic milk was 50%-80% higher in antioxidants than conventional milk.
  • In addition vegetables, which included wheat, potatoes, cabbage, onions, lettuce and tomatoes, contained 20%-40% more nutrients.

What does Organic really mean?

No artificial fertilisers, synthetic pesticides or drugs, or GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) are used in the production of fresh food, including meat, chicken, eggs, dairy products, grains, vegetables and fruit.

How do you tell if a product is really Organic?

There are Organic Certification Systems here is Australia and information about them and the guidelines they adhere to is available from the Biological Farmers of Australia website. They provide a guide with an easy reference for you to understand the entire organic certification system. Alternatively you can grow organic produce yourself!

Why choose organic food?

  • You will be getting the highest quality nutrients in an easily adsorbed form
  • It will be much tastier – often, how you remember it used to taste!
  • You will be eliminating harmful pesticides and other chemicals from your diet
  • It’s GMO free
  • There are strict standards of certification to make sure it really is organic
  • It’s much better for our environment as organic farming practices improve soil quality, conserve water, add bio-diversity and are sustainable
  • It protects farm workers from the effects of using artificial pesticides and fertilisers
  • It treats animals humanely
When you eat a diet rich in organic food, your health will improve and you will find that you have more energy, get sick less often and recover quickly. What’s more it tastes great! Mr Vitamins stocks a wide range of organic foods. Come in to the store or shop online and select the best foods and supplements to support your health and vitality.