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HeartQuest Keeps You on Track

HeartQuest MonitorHeartQuest is a health assessment monitor that allows both you and your Mr Vitamins health care practitioner to find out more about you. The HeartQuest monitor allows us to more accurately assess your physical, and psychological state by providing data that gives us more in depth and valuable information about a patient than a case history alone.

This extra information about you gives both you and your practitioner the knowledge to make more effective therapeutic decisions and gives you an idea of how you are responding to a particular therapy, lifestyle or nutritional change.             

Greater Knowledge = Better Decision Making = Improved Therapeutic Results

How does HeartQuest work?

HeartQuest measures the beat to beat changes from an ECG reading. This is classic heart rate variability (HRV) that is a reflection of the autonomic nervous system. Basic HRV can tell you how the autonomic nervous system is adapting to internal and external stressors. Using simple and gentle sensors that are placed on your wrists, the software uses various techniques, such as spectrum analysis, and various mathematical algorithms to sort the ECG information. Heart rate variability is one of the most reliable ways to gauge your stress levels and to discover how stress is effecting your heart and nervous system.

Among other data, HeartQuest gives you information about:

  • The electrical activity in your brain (alpha, beta, delta and theta brain waves)
  • The status of your neuron-hormonal system (by analysing more than 600 biorhythm parameters)
  • The status of your chakras, meridians and your overall vital force
  • Your chronological versus biological age
  • Your risk of developing health problems
  • the energy patterns of your chakra and meridian systems

How is the test conducted?

A HeartQuest reading is determined from information sent to the computer from ECG sensors that are placed on your wrists. The scan takes about 5 minutes, recording at least 300 of your heartbeats.

How to prepare before a reading

  • Avoid caffeine and smoking for at least 2 hours before the measurement
  • Avoid having the measurement right after a meal (1 hour after the meal is best)
  • When you have future readings to compare your results and progress, it is best to repeat the test at a similar time of day

During a reading

  • Maintain a comfortable sitting position
  • Don’t move or talk. Don’t close your eyes or fall asleep
  • Breathe normally and don’t control your breathing intentionally
Your results will then be interpreted by your practitioner and discussed with you. Through repeated testing you can see if you are moving in the right direction. If you are healing and improving your vitality, then your body will show it through improved heart rate variability and greater nervous system adaptation and regulation. Our aim as Naturopathic practitioners is to facilitate and increase your self-healing capabilities and to guide you on your journey towards greater health and wellbeing. HeartQuest assessments are included in the Lucia Light experience. We conduct a reading before and after Lucia Light sessions to get a clear picture of your progress. (Lucia Light sessions are no longer available at the Mr Vitamins Clinic)

Yasmin Issa 1Naturopath Yasmin Issa

Yasmin is a Naturopathic practitioner who specialises in the Lucia Light Experience, HeartQuest and Holistic Bodywork. Find out more about Yasmin here