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Green Tea the Super Antioxidant for weight loss and more…

Green Tea the Super Antioxidant for weight loss and more… | Mr Vitamins
Green Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world, widely consumed throughout Asia, and increasingly enjoyed in Australia and other countries too. Aside from being a refreshing beverage, it’s a powerful nutraceutical, with a wide range of benefits for health and wellbeing.

Green Tea – rich source of potent antioxidants

Many of Green Tea’s health benefits are attributed to its content of a group of antioxidant compounds it contains called polyphenols. Of those, a subset called the catechins is especially important, and a large proportion of the research into the benefits of Green Tea has centred on a specific catechin called epigallo-catechin-gallate (EGCG). Together EGCG and other polyphenols enhance the body’s own antioxidant defences and have widespread benefits for human health. For example, they may help to regulate cellular function, reduce inflammation, promote immune health (including having antimicrobial properties), support detoxification, and maintain the health of the digestive system, prostate and joints.

Green Tea for heart health

Green Tea also has a long held reputation for supporting healthy ageing, in part by helping to maintain cardiovascular health. Its antioxidant properties are again central to its actions in this regard, as it may help to reduce free radical damage (oxidation) of LDL-cholesterol (‘bad’ cholesterol), while also helping healthy people maintain normal levels of HDL-cholesterol (‘good’ cholesterol) and total cholesterol.

Green Tea for skin health

Exposure to factors such as environmental pollution (including cigarette smoke) and UV radiation from sunlight can have detrimental effects on your skin, and may contribute to its aging and inflammation. In large measure, these effects are considered due to the production of excessive quantities of free radicals, which in turn can damage the skin’s lipids, proteins and DNA. One specific benefit of EGCG and other antioxidant compounds in Green Tea is that they help to offset the effects of potentially damaging free radicals in the skin. In addition, these compounds are considered photo-protective, meaning that they may help to protect your skin from harm by sunlight and UV radiation.

Green Tea for weight loss

Elsewhere in the body, EGCG and other catechins from Green Tea may play a role in maintaining healthy body fat composition and body mass index (BMI) by activating thermogenesis (the process by which body heat is generated, burning calories along the way) and fat oxidation (the process by which fat is converted to an energy source). These effects mean that when taken in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet and regular exercise program, Green Tea may provide valuable support for healthy weight loss – especially when combined with Green Coffee, which works in a similar way. Together, these two herbs may also help people who’ve successfully lost weight avoid putting it back on again.

Theanine promotes relaxation and improves alertness

In addition to its exceptional antioxidant properties, Green Tea also contains theanine, a unique amino acid that has relaxing effects and may help to create a peaceful state of mind. Research shows that theanine promotes alpha-wave activity in the brain, and may interact with the small amount of caffeine that’s also present in this tea to help maintain alertness, focused attention and the ability to perform tasks accurately.

Should I drink Green Tea or take a supplement?

Many of the health benefits of Green Tea are considered accumulative, resulting from consuming multiple cups of tea every day over many years. If that’s not a habit that’s likely to be sustainable for you, taking supplements may provide a valuable alternative, especially if you choose a premium quality, high potency product that’s standardised for its content of EGCG and other catechins and is low in caffeine. Mr Vitamins recommends Fusion Health, premium quality Australian-made supplements that combine the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine and the science of modern Western herbalism: Find out more and shop online for these Fusion Health supplements below
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