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Garlic - the powerful ancient remedy for essential health today

Garlic - the powerful ancient remedy for essential health today | Mr Vitamins
Understood by the ancients and practiced by modern Japanese people, eating seasonally and harvesting fresh foods from their gardens and the wild have long been a part of their rich culinary traditions.

The many faces of Garlic

The taste of fresh, delicate ingredients are core to Japanese native cuisine. For this reason, garlic leaves have a long history of use in cooking as a green vegetable. Strong in taste, garlic bulbs, the traditional part of the plant used in the cookery of Mediterranean and Indian culinary traditions, are considered medicine in Japan. In southern Japan, traditional medicines use the bulb of the garlic, suspended in egg yolk to treat the heart and prevent blockages in the vessels surrounding the organ.

Ancient remedy, modern application

Modern medicine has devised a strategy to take Garlic for its health related qualities, without experiencing the harshness of its taste or smell. In effect, it has supplied all the benefits of Garlic without the antisocial, harsh odour. Mr Manji Wakunaga Developed by Dr Eugene Schnell and Mr Manji Wakunaga in 1955, Kyolic is formulated to increase the potency of Garlic’s healing qualities, whilst reducing its unpleasant odour. Made from organic garlic that has been aged for up to 20 months, Kyolic Aged Garlic extract was first used following the second world war to enhance the health of the Japanese people. Today, Kyolic Aged Garlic extract is used in the treatment of conditions such as poor immunity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Just as it was in ancient times, it is considered one of nature’s greatest natural anti-bacterial plants due to its high antioxidant value. It is also due to this antioxidant quality that Aged Garlic extract is beneficial for the health of the heart and circulatory system.

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Taken daily, Nutralife Kyolic Aged Garlic extract helps to strengthen immunity and improve the health of the heart and circulatory system. Formulated to contain no harsh odour, Aged Garlic extract is safe for use in those people unable to consume raw or cooked garlic due to indigestion or unsocial garlic breath. Find out more about Nutralife Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract