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Five easy ways to kick-start your weight loss

Five easy ways to kick-start your weight loss | Mr Vitamins
Feeling a little heavier than you’d like? Looking for some easy, healthy ways to kick-start your weight-loss journey? These five hacks will get you started on the road to a lighter, healthier you.

1 - Detox the pantry

Let’s face it, unless your willpower is superhuman, that family-sized block of Cadbury waiting for you in the pantry probably won’t last long. So, remove unnecessary temptations with a pantry detox. If the chocolates and unhealthy eats aren’t readily accessible when the cravings call, you’re less likely to dive head-first into a pack of diet destroyers.

2 - Eat a high-protein breakfast

You’re more likely to make good food choices throughout the day if you feel satisfied from the get-go.  The key here is to fuel up with some protein at breakfast; think eggs with a few green veggies or yoghurt with fresh fruit and nuts. No time for cooking in the morning? IsoWhey shakes have you covered. Just pre-chop a selection of smoothie ingredients (berries, mango and more) and whizz them up with your fave IsoWhey shake flavour (Ivory Coast Chocolate or Salted Caramel, anyone?). With 15g of protein per serve, as well as 23 vitamins and minerals, prebiotic fibre and no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, Isowhey is formulated to support healthy fat-loss and support digestive health. Now THAT’s a great way to really kick-start your day. And your weight-loss!

3 - Get moving

There’s no doubt that regular exercise (plus a healthy diet) is key to a healthy weight, a healthy body and a healthy mind. You don’t need to do a two-hour boot camp every day to reap the myriad of rewards exercise brings. Build in more movement into your day. Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk to work or jump off the bus a few stops early, or suggest meeting a mate for a hike rather than a long brunch on Saturday morning.

4 - Stay hydrated

Feeling hungry? You might actually be thirsty. Sip water often to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day  (Your skin will love you for it, too!).

5 - Lay off the booze

Those couple of glasses of wine you’re having each night really pile on the calories - each glass provides almost the same number of calories as a Magnum ice cream. Yikes! Your body is designed to b hydrated with water and it can’t detect the calories in drinks - so it’s easy to overdo it. Plus you may be more likely to choose more high-calorie, low-nutrient foods after a night on the booze.  Be aware of how much you’re drinking, and try to cut down if you can. It's not only your waistline that could benefit. Here’s wishing you a healthier, happier you!

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