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Embrace change – the key to happiness and health

Embrace change – the key to happiness and health | Mr Vitamins
Do you embrace change or resist change? Do you feel that if you can hold onto life as it is, then you will be happier and healthier. If you are like many people, your answer is yes. The problem is that in doing this you are resisting the natural flow in your life, and you could be creating health issues for yourself.

Life around us is always changing

You can’t get away from it, life is always changing. Every day or minute is never truly the same. It may be similar, but not the same. For example, you may go to work each day, travelling on the same bus route or driving the same route in your car; but each trip is different. The season is different, the weather is different, and the people you interact with are different. And every single day you are different, some of your cells die and are replaced by new cells. So your organs and all the parts of your body are different.

What happens when you resist change?

In acupuncture, and five element theory, they believe that this resistance to change is held in the organs of the body, the meridians. This resistance causes blockages in the natural flow of energy in those organs and glands. And these blockages can lead to ill health on many levels. These blockages can also stay with you until you release them both subconsciously and consciously.

Embrace change and new opportunities

So the key is to fully embrace your life, and all the changes in it, to let your life take it’s natural course. This leads to the energy in your body flowing into your organs and glands, and results in more health. Embracing change is also an opportunity to embrace your life in a whole new way. You have the opportunity to let go of past – issues, problems, and even friendships that don’t work for you anymore. And you have an opportunity to reconnect to your dreams and wishes and move towards them. Are you ready to change and find the happiness and health you dreamed of?

Article by Karin Amali