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Detoxification: Any time is a good time for a Digestive Spring Clean

Detoxification: Any time is a good time for a Digestive Spring Clean | Mr Vitamins
Sometimes your body struggles to cope with the array of chemicals that you face in your day to day life:
  • Car exhaust fumes
  • Secondary cigarette smoke
  • Over-indulgence of alcohol
  • Industrial solvents
  • Pesticides (often on the fruits and vegetables we eat)
Even the water and food you consume can be a constant burden on the organs that cleanse and detoxify your body – the liver, kidneys, lungs, and colon. When pushed to the limit, these organs of detoxification may require some support.

The Role of your Liver

Your liver is the first stop to removing toxins that can damage other organ systems. It acts as a filter and through a complex process, the liver either neutralises toxins and removes them from your bloodstream or converts them into water-soluble forms to be excreted by your kidneys or fat-soluble forms that your bowel will get rid of.

How Toxic Are You?

Toxic build-up can lead to fatigue, headaches, poor digestion, skin problems, and even impaired immune function.

The Solution is Natural to Detoxification – Milk Thistle

An established herbal treatment for alcohol-related liver disease and chronic hepatitis, Milk thistle extract has been used to promote liver health for over 2,000 years. However in 1968 the bioflavanoid complex silymarin was discovered. This component is natures’ own liver supporter and protector.

Milk Thistle extracts, Silymarin exerts its benefits in the following ways:

  • Cell Protection: Silymarin binds to the cells and blocks the admission of certain toxins. In addition, it neutralises toxins that are already in liver cells. These actions also help protect against dangerous chemicals, and some commonly prescribed medications
  • Boosts Antioxidant Activity: It is particularly useful for increasing production of glutathione—a powerful antioxidant produced by the body, as well as increasing the levels of other antioxidants, such as superoxide dismutase
  • Cell Regeneration: Alcohol abuse, chronic hepatitis, and even commonly prescribed drugs, such as cholesterol-lowering medications and antidepressants, can injure liver cells. Silymarin has the unique ability to help regenerate damaged liver cells

Who Can Benefit From Milk Thistle?

  • Chronic hepatitis B or C sufferers. While powerful antiviral and immune-stimulating drugs have become the standard in successful hepatitis C treatment, milk thistle extract is a powerful natural alternative
  • Those on antidepressants, cholesterol lowering or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications
  • Those who are exposed to chemical toxins on the job
  • Finally, milk thistle extract is perfect for any cleansing program. By increasing bile production (important for carrying toxins to the intestines for elimination) and increasing antioxidant activity, milk thistle extract helps promote liver cleansing and detoxifying.

Add Some Digestive Enzymes for Better Absorption of Nutrients

Why? Because you eat food, but your digestive system doesn’t absorb food, it absorbs nutrients. Food has to be broken down from things like steak and broccoli into its nutrient pieces: amino acids (from proteins), fatty acids and cholesterol (from fats), and simple sugars (from carbohydrates), as well as vitamins, minerals, and a variety of other plant and animal compounds. If you don’t have enough digestive enzymes, you can’t break down your food, which means even though you’re eating well, you aren’t absorbing all that good nutrition.

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Milk Thistle supports the liver and has an antioxidant and free radical scavenging action. It can help protect the liver against toxins as well as stimulate replacement of new liver cells.

To assist healthy digestive function still further .

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