Are you concerned about heavy metals in your body? Well, you should be!

Argital Drinking Clay photoOur modern lifestyles expose us to a huge array of heavy metals, every single day! Even if you are living a fairly clean lifestyle, heavy metals are almost inevitable. There are many chemicals that can effect us every day, such as:
  • SLS in your toothpaste
  • Parabens in your skincare
  • Lead in exhaust fumes and old paint
  • Mercury in your dental amalgam fillings
  • Aluminium in our deodorants
All of these heavy metals accumulate over time and can lead to serious illness.

Regular elimination and heavy metal detox can keep you healthy and strong!

Do you experience any of the following symptoms?
  • Unexplained fatigue?
  • Chronic pain?
  • Muscle cramps?
  • Abdominal pain?
  • Regular headaches and migraine?
  • Sinus and congestion?
  • Chronic inflammation?
  • Digestive disorders?
  • Skin conditions and irritations?
  • Foggy brain and memory problems?
If so, chances are that heavy metals may be prominent in your system. While there may be other factors contributing to these symptoms, a body overloaded with heavy metals will only exacerbate the problems. Even more concerning is that cosmetic chemical toxins and heavy metals affect both mother and baby, with findings in the Philippines showing umbilical cord blood from birthing mothers containing up to 300 contaminants.

How do Heavy Metals enter your system?

Heavy metals and chemicals enter our bodies through a range of ways including:
  • Cosmetics and skincare products
  • Personal care products such as toothpaste and shampoo
  • Deodorants and Antiperspirants
  • Aluminium and non-stick cookware
  • Drinking water
  • Mercury dental fillings
  • Pesticides, insecticides and herbicides
  • Paints, especially found in old homes
  • Ingesting non-organic produce
  • Taking antibiotics and prescriptive Pharmaceuticals
  • Cigarette smoke – active and passive smoke
  • Vaccinations
  • Using foil when baking and cling wrap
  • Cooking with plastics
When your body absorbs a toxic chemical or heavy metal, the toxin is distributed throughout your body through your blood stream, and osmosis takes tissues with higher levels of the toxins and redistributes them to tissues with lower levels.

How does Green Marine Clay eliminate heavy metals?

Therapeutic Green clay is alkaline, with a strong negative ionic charge that attracts anything that has a positive charge, such as heavy metals, chemicals, toxins, harmful bacteria, pesticides, and other pathogens.

Taking Green Clay Internally

Taking the clay internally acts to absorb any fresh toxins ingested before they are passed into your blood and body. This eases the lymphatic system, liver and kidneys, which are your body’s filtering systems. The clay binds with these toxins and then makes an exit via the colon and the kidneys. By removing those metals from the gastro-intestinal tract first, before chelating the brain, this can help to avoid relocating metals to the central nervous system through osmosis. For serious heavy metal toxicity impacting on your organs, cleansing your colon of these heavy metals, helps to reduce the gradient levels in these organs and promotes the metals flow naturally out of your body via your colon.

Using Green Clay Externally

Regular clay baths also assist in the elimination of heavy metals and toxins from your body through the pores of your skin. Also, applying clay topically, directly onto your skin, as in masks and compresses, helps to stimulate latent cell activity, revitalizing your cells and then helping these cells release their toxins.

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