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Is your probiotic Superhero strong?

Fusion Health Success BunnyHow do you know your probiotic is strong enough?

Simple, you measure it! And it’s actually really easy. A good probiotic will tell you the strains it containsand also the colony forming-units (CFU) for each strain. This is basically a measurement of how much probiotic you have. A big CFU number means there is lots of probiotic, but there’s a bit more to selecting a strong and effective probioticsupplement…

Good amounts of each strain is the ticket to a strong probiotic

If you want to know how many eggs your chickens are laying, get specific and count the number of eggs. Counting the total chickens isn’t an accurate reflection of your eggs, as each chicken lays a different amount. Adding up all the CFU amounts for each strain, to get one big number isn’t the most accurate way of telling the strength of your probiotic. Instead check each strain is provided in good quantities. So why not just have huge amounts of every strain?

Strains have different jobs and are required in different quantities

Every probiotic strain is different. If you want your cake to rise – use self-raising flour, if you want it to be moist – add some butter, if you want it to be sweet – add sugar. A great cake doesn’t have heaps of a 'supplement', but each has a specific job to do. In a similar way with your probiotic, some strains may support healthy gut lining throughout your digestive system, others could benefit your immune function. Like ingredients in a cake, each strain is required in appropriate amounts specific to that strain.

Good Probiotic Labelling

A good probiotic will tell you the CFU for each strain on the label and that these quantities have known benefits for human health.

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