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Better than a morning caffeine hit - Raw Green Coffee helps Weight Management

Better than a morning caffeine hit - Raw Green Coffee helps Weight Management | Mr Vitamins
Did you know that the same coffee beans that are roasted and ground to form your morning latte or long black buzz, are actually caffeine-free when you consume them raw? And those coffee beans also help to balance your blood sugar levels and manage your weight? Raw coffee bean extracts sourced from raw Coffea canephora beans, processed to ensure they are high in Chlorogenic acid, are receiving rave reviews from a number of holistic health authorities as the new wave in natural weight management supplements.

Chlorogenic acid, how does it work and how much do I need?

Chlorogenic acid works by inhibiting an enzyme called glucose-6-phosphate. This enzyme is responsible for storing sugar in your liver. And the longer sugar is stored in your liver, the more likely it is that the sugar will be converted into fat and stored in sites all over your body. So, if you take a good quality green coffee bean extract, you reduce your risk of developing diabetes, and other blood sugar disorders, without the long-term effects of coffee consumption (such as over stimulation, and for some, indigestion). But not all green coffee bean extracts are the same, so be sure you look for a supplement with a high level of Chlorogenic acid, usually found in response to superior extraction methods being used when formulating a product. Another benefit of choosing a well-extracted green coffee bean extract (an example being products using the Svetol logo, a specific high quality extract) is its high antioxidant quality. When high in antioxidants, green coffee beans help to protect the cells they come into contact with, from the harmful effects of toxic free radicals.

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