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Are you ready for a detox?

Are you ready for a detox? | Mr Vitamins
Often the people who benefit most from a Detox are the same people who will feel the biggest effects of it in the early stages. The side effects of even the most gentle of detox (which is what we recommend), can include
  • nausea
  • headaches
  • racing pulse
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • nasal congestion
  • body odour
  • bad breath
  • skin eruptions
  • mood swings
Obviously, this is not a desirable outcome, so how can this be avoided?

What can you do to prepare for a detox?

  • Diet choices – during the couple of weeks leading up to your detox you can help by removing as many processed foods as possible and eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Removing or reducing stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, refined sugars, processed food will help to reduce that crashing feeling that is sometimes experienced at the beginning of a detox.
  • Water intake – try to get 1 ½ to 2 litres of water leading up to the detox. You will still be doing this during the detox and hopefully after as well. Adequate water intake plays a role in cellular purification and body cleansing.
  • Timing the detox – try to choose a time for the first week where there is as little stress as possible or start over a quiet weekend. This will help to reduce the stress load.
  • Exercise – if you are not already exercising, start doin some steady walking to help get the blood and lymph flowing.
  • Breathing – three to four mindful deep breaths will help to calm the nervous system by balancing chemicals and hormones in the body.
  • Sleep – will help the body cope with the stress of detox.
Interesting, the people who need a detox the most, who do very little preparation, and crash the most are the same people who normally have the healthiest glow at the end of the detox.

Good-DigestionNaturopath Janne Ramsay

Janne Ramsay is a Naturopath at Mr Vitamins. She runs regular workshops on Digestion and Detoxand has learnt from her clients the importance of preparing for a detox. If you would like to learn more join her as she takes you through an informative and fun presentation on the basics of healthy digestion. Learn more about Janne here Digestion and Detox programs are also offered via Skype appointments