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10 Tips to help you Get Rid of Cellulite

10 Tips to help you Get Rid of Cellulite | Mr Vitamins
Some of us live with it, the rest of us worry about getting it—cellulite. Many people don’t know where cellulite comes from let alone how to get rid of it without surgery, but we’re here to put that confusion to rest!

Stress takes a toll on your body

From your physical to your mental state, you probably already know that stress has lasting effects on your body. Well, dermatology research shows that chronic stress also causes cellulite. What happens is that chronic stress elevates the amount of cortisol in your body. Then, cortisol triggers your body to store excess fat under your skin and retain water. This in turn puts stress on your surrounding skin and connective tissue producing cellulite.

Poor nutrition and environmental toxins can create Cellulite

One of many reasons why eating healthily is emphasised is because poor nutrition introduces chemical stress to your body via inflammation on the cellular level. And environmental toxins have the same effect. A diet high in sugar, trans-fats, and meat stimulates inflammation, which damages the gut lining, prevents waste removal, and increases chronic stress on the body. So, just to summarise, the following factors contribute to the formation of cellulite:
  • Hardening of connective tissue
  • Toxic body and lifestyle
  • Water retention
  • Imprisonment of waste material

10 Natural Tips to help you Get Rid of Cellulite!

  1. Use salt according to your dietSodium-potassium balance is key to getting rid of cellulite. If you consume low-carbs, you will need more salt; if you consume high-carbs, you will need very little salt. Use Himalayan pink salt in your cooking.
  1. Consume more CLAConjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, is a natural trans-fat found in grass-fed animal products. CLA not only improves metabolism, but also eliminates cellulite. Try grass-fed butter, cheese, or beef.
  1. Add lemon to your waterThe bioflavonoids found in lemon improve fluid movement in and out of blood vessels. This improves circulation, liver detoxification, as well as the appearance of cellulite. Try a quarter to a half lemon in 8 ounces of water periodically throughout the day.
  1. Make sleep a priorityPoor sleep alters your stress hormone levels, which makes it that much harder to fight or reduce cellulite. So try getting plenty of rest each night.
  1. DetoxifyAlterations in your stress hormone, cortisol, also influences your other hormones. As a result, oestrogen can dominate producing cellulite. Try an oestrogen detox to balance your hormones.
  1. Take Epsom salt bathsMagnesium salts help tone the skin and detoxify the body. Try adding essential oils like lavender or peppermint to your bath to make it more relaxing and soothing.
  1. ExerciseHigh intensity exercise improves circulation and lymphatic drainage while stimulating fat burning hormones. Try resistance training for large muscle groups on your upper and lower body.
  1. Eat more gelatinYes! Gelatin from animal bones, fibrous tissues, and organs are filled with the amino acids, glycine and proline. These amino acids promote skin, hair, and nail growth and they optimise immune function and weight maintenance.
  1. Dry brush your skinDry brushing enhances circulation and lymphatic drainage by moving excess fluid and keeping your skin firm and toned. Try using a soft-bristled brush to gently brush your skin from your extremities up and in towards your heart
  1. Eat a low-carb dietLimiting your sugar and carbohydrate intake will also limit the development of inflammation and thereby cellulite. This type of diet will benefit the function of anti-inflammatory compounds and good fats to balance your hormones and control cellulite.
Hopefully, these methods will have you well on your way to eliminating cellulite. And you can always ‘Ask a Naturopath’ for help along the way.