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Skin Brushing – Spring-Cleaning for Your Skin!

Skin Brushing – Spring-Cleaning for Your Skin! | Mr Vitamins
After such a slow start to summer it looks like warm sunshine is finally here. So throw off a few clothes and give your skin a good spring-clean! The best way to do this is through exfoliation – and you can do this in several different ways. Perhaps the best known and most efficient is Skin Brushing – either dry or wet – historically Naturopathy has preferred dry, but it is entirely up to you.

What are the Benefits of Skin Brushing?

  • Those rough patches (particularly around elbows and knees) will disappear
  • Your skin will feel smooth and soft and have a natural glow
  • Your skin will become firmer as the stimulation encourages more blood flow which brings better nourishment for your skin cells and the underlying tissues
  • Your skin is one of your major organs of detoxification so getting rid of dead skin cell helps your skin breathe and release impurities from your system

How to do a Quick Skin Brush Routine

For Dry Skin Brushing find a warm place, as you need to do this naked!

  • Use a stiff natural bristle brush (with a long handle).

For Wet Skin Scrubbing do this standing in or under the shower.

  • There are a number of mitts or gloves available and you may need to lather them up with some natural soap (if they are very abrasive) before you begin to scrub.

Dry Skin Brushing or Wet Skin Scrubbing: the same procedure:

  1. Starting at your feet begin to brush upwards towards you heart, making sure to cover every little bit of your feet, ankles, calves, knees and thighs.
  2. Use enough pressure to feel your skin being stimulated but not enough to hurt yourself! You will find that the more often you do this the more pressure you will be able to apply as this process strengthens your skin (no matter what your age).
  3. Continue up your body covering your hips and buttocks. Using the long handled dry brush makes it easier to reach everywhere.
  4. On your abdomen you may find your skin is more sensitive but continue to brush bearing in mind you will be encouraging blood flow back towards your heart. In this area the direction of your brushing is not quite so important, and you may find circular movements more comfortable. For the girls - do include your breasts; just treat them with more care and a lighter pressure and include your décolletage area right up your neck, be gentle though.
  5. On your back, work in whatever direction is easiest and again this is where that long handle comes in handy.
  6. For your arms start at your fingertips and work up towards your shoulders paying special attention to your elbows which can become a bit rough over winter. You may also like to include palms and don’t forget the inside of your arms as well as the outside.
  7. Do not include your face – this kind of brushing is too harsh.
N.B. If you have any spider or varicose veins either avoid brushing over them or else lighten the pressure you use.

How Long Does Skin Brushing Take?

Just a few minutes daily and then it’s time to enjoy a shower and see how tingly you feel as the water flows over your newly exfoliated, silky smooth and stimulated skin! Happy brushing! from Mr Vitamins