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Natures Shield Organic Castor Oil

pack size: 200ML

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Castor Oil (Ricinus communis), used since Egyptian times as a folk remedy for a wide variety of ailments. Nature’s Shield castor oil is certified organic and sustainable and is cold-press extracted, for preservation of its natural qualities.


  • Organic
  • Free of hexane
  • Natural qualities


100% organic castor seed oil.

suggested dose

For constipation the dosage recommended by the WHO is 0.7 mg/kg body weight or around 1Tbs for adults and 1 tsp for children. Another popular application is as a pack. Dip a tea towel in 100mls of oil and place over the affected area. Try the abdomen for constipation, uterus for period pain or fibroids, ovaries for cysts and joints for pain. Cover with glad wrap and place a hot water bottle then a towel over the area to increase absorption. Leave on for 30 minutes then rinse off. Repeat for four consecutive days for optimal effecT