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Modiflan Brown Seaweed Extract

This is a high potency, practitioner preferred product. This means we will need a few details from you around your health to ensure this is the best product for you.
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Pack Size: 90Capsules
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Modifilan is an organic wholefood supplement made from the richest variety of wild-grown brown seaweed called Laminaria Japonica (Holu Kombu). Pure brown seaweed extract is an abundant, organic source of: Alginates, Iodine, Fucoidan, Laminarin, Fucoxanthin & Polysaccharides.


  • 100% Organic.
  • Wild-grown, not farmed.
  • Eco-friendly harvesting.
  • Bio-available (dried juice powder in a capsule, not a pressed pill).
  • Low-temperature processing to preserve nutritional values (most seaweed or kelp products are processed with very high heat).


Each bottle includes 90 capsules that contain 500mg of concentrated Laminaria japonica. Forty kilos of raw seaweed is needed to make one kilo of Modifilan.

suggested dose

As a dietary supplement for general health and wellbeing, take 3 capsules per day with a glass of water before or with breakfast. For maximum benefits, take 6 capsules in the morning with a full glass of water.