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Deonat Crystal Deodorant Roll-On

pack size: 65ML

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DeoNat Crystal Deodorant Roll-On 65ml has everything that a contender for the “perfect deodorant” title could need. It is the ideal solution for anybody that may be concerned about personal hygiene, of course, but also those that are also environmentally aware and would like to do their bit, while still taking care of themselves at the same time.
This roll-on deodorant is produced using natural mineral salt, and it is hypoallergenic – this means that it is highly unlikely to cause any kind of allergic reaction during normal use. In addition, the product does not contain perfume, alcohol which can dry out the skin, it does not contain aluminium chlorohydrate, it does not leave any white residue that can leave a mark on clothes and it is non-sticky.
Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it’s all true and it’s all good. DeoNat Crystal Deodorant Roll-On 65ml is easily applied to wet skin, making it ideal for use after getting out of the shower or the bath. The easy application to wet skin makes this the perfect go-to if you find yourself in a hurry in the morning.
The roll-on is perfect for anybody that has sensitive skin, thanks to the non-allergenic properties of the ingredients. What exactly does this mean? It means that the roll-on deodorant is not going to irritate the skin, and nor will it sting. It also will not clog pores, it cannot be absorbed through the skin and it will not stain either clothing or skin. What it may do however is kill odour causing bacteria.


  • Kills odour causing bacteria and inhibits its growth
  • Non-allergenic - ideal for sensitive skin
  • Contains natural mineral salts
  • Free from aluminium chloride


 Natural Mineral Salts of Ammonium Alum, Purified Water, Cellulose

suggested dose

Shake well before use and apply as required.  We find it works amazingly well after application of Jama roll ons.