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Carusos Super Magnesium Powder

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Caruso's Super Magnesium Powder 250G is a high potency magnesium powder formula containing six forms of magnesium for superior absorption and vital cofactors for enhanced utilisation.

Magnesium is essential for many metabolic and cellular functions. In particular, it is required for proper muscle and nerve function. Magnesium helps muscle movement and the transmission of nerve impulses to your muscles.

Caruso’s Super Magnesium Powder is a broad spectrum Magnesium formula developed especially for people who don’t like swallowing tablets. This delicious tasting powder mixes easily and combines the potency of 6 different forms of Magnesium to deliver a daily dose of 300mg of Magnesium and support your dietary needs.

Caruso’s Super Magnesium Powder, may relieve cramps and spasms, help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and help your overall general health and wellbeing. If your Magnesium levels are low due to inadequate dietary intake, your muscles could stiffen up or contract, resulting in painful cramps and spasms.

Who would use Caruso's Super Magnesium Powder?

  • Those who cannot, or find it difficult to swallow tablets
  • Those involved in strenuous physical activities
  • Those who exercise
  • Those who wish to support muscle function, performance and recovery
  • Those who experience muscle cramping, twitching or spasms in the legs or elsewhere
  • Women who suffer from menstrual cramping and pain


The Actions of the Ingredients:

Magnesium plays a role in a wide range of fundamental biological reactions in the body. Low levels of Magnesium may result in muscle cramps and spasms, muscle weakness, sleeplessness, excitability and irritability, fatigue and mild anxiety. Caruso’s Super Magnesium powder has six forms of Magnesium and cofactors to ensure optimal Magnesium absorption.


  • Magnesium may assist with restless leg (periodic limb movement during sleep)
  • Magnesium supplementation may improve symptoms including mood changes in some patients with PMS
  • Magnesium is essential for those with Nervous Tension. Stress and Nervous Tension intensifies magnesium depletion or loss
  • Magnesium is required for the regulation of vascular tone


  • Taurine is a small organic acid found in high concentrations in cardiac and skeletal muscle and is essential for normal muscular function
  • Taurine is involved in normal contraction of skeletal muscle
  • Taurine is a neurotransmitter and plays a role in the functioning of the central nervous system

Vitamin C:

  • Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant helping to minimise free radical damage while aiding in supporting the immune system


  • Zinc is involved in 100’s of enzymatic reactions
  • Zinc may help to metabolise carbohydrates & protein
  • Zinc helps maintain a healthy immune system and may assist with normal functioning of the immune system


  • Selenium serves as a vital component in the maintenance of muscle cell and red blood cell integrity, playing a role in the synthesis of DNA and RNA
  • Selenium is an essential trace element which plays an active role in several metabolic Pathways Functions as a component of the antioxidant network in minimising free radical damage


  • Found inside bones and involved in bone formation and calcification
  • Silicon is a biological cross linking agent which contributes to the architecture and resilience of connective tissues
  • Plays a fundamental role in the crosslinking mechanism of collagen and elastin, and it contributes to the structure of skin and collagen
  • Low levels of silicon may lead to brittle nails and weak hair


Caruso's 强效镁元素补充营养粉 250克

Caruso's 强效镁元素补充营养粉有利于蛋白质的制造、脂肪代谢、以及遗传物质DNA的组成,并可活化酵素,帮助强化心脏肌肉的收缩力,避免血管栓塞。防止心血管痉挛,减少血小板于血管内的聚集,从而预防高血压、心率失常、冠状动脉硬化,帮助血液循环及神经传导,对维持正常的肌肉及神经活动有莫大的帮助。可减少肝、胆、肾结石的形成,以及软组织钙化的机会,帮助人体吸收和利用钙质,促进细胞对钙的吸收,强化免疫系统。

  • 富含天然镁氧化物,易吞服,无污染,高吸收。
  • 膳食补充剂,携带服用简单、快捷,效果显著。
  • 经检验,无添加任何人工色素、香精、防腐剂。
  • 最佳的神经系统功能,心脏及骨骼健康的维护。
  • 帮助血液循环及舒缓神经,维持心脏、肌肉、神经正常功能。
  • 有效预防及改善骨质疏松,巩固骨骼和牙齿。
  • 提高身体机能自然免疫力,抵抗自由基。
  • 防止心血管痉挛,减少血小板于血管内的聚集,从而预防高血压、心率失常、冠状动脉硬化。


  • 柠檬酸镁:775毫克
  • 适合于成年人群使用。
  • 每日1次,每次5克补镁营养粉,可混入250毫升水或果汁饮品中服用或遵医嘱。


  • 使用前应仔细阅读标签,请勿过量服用;
  • 请勿将其放置在儿童可触及的地方;
  • 请存放于避光、干燥、不高于25摄氏度处;
  • 孕妇,哺乳期妇女和儿童,使用前请咨询医生;
  • 膳食补充剂,不能替代药品和均衡、多样的饮食和健康生活方式;
  • 如有过敏现象,请立即停用并寻医就诊。


suggested dose

Adults and children over 12 years: Mix 2 scoops (5g) with 250mL of water or fruit juice and drink immediately or advised by your health care Professional. 

Scoop included.


Warnings and Contra-Indications: 

  • Always read the label and follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, consult your health professional.
  • Consult a healthcare professional prior to ue if pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Vitamins supplements should not replace a balanced diet.
  • Phenylketonurics - this product contains phenylalanine
  • Contains Zinc which may be dangerous if taken in large amounts or for a long period of time.
  • Contains Selenium which is toxic in high doses. A daily dose of 150mcg of Selenium from dietary supplements should not be exceeded.
  • Contains sulphites.


  • Take at least 2 hours away from pharmaceutical medications.


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