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Milan Rokaya


Milan Rokaya is a naturopath and a wholistic practitioner. He uses naturopathic tools like clinical nutrition, herbal medicine and diet and lifestyle modifications to empower you to regain your health.

Milan focuses on preventative medicine as he deeply believes in the old ayurvedic proverb “preserve the health of the healthy”.

In a consultation, Milan will take a thorough case in order to create an individualised plan to mutually engage you in the treatment goals.

He is also a tennis coach and understands the importance of proper nutrition in sports as he believes many athletes are not eating the right way. He will take you through a clear understanding of the Macronutrients and micronutrients (like vitamins and minerals) which are often missed out.

He will take you through a clear understanding of the macronutrients, micronutrients, hydration and choosing the right supplementation.

Area of interest; Sports nutrition, Digestive health, Mental health, Skincare, Cardiovascular health, Weight loss, Men's health, Immune boost

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