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Laura Wood

Laura is a qualified naturopath who firmly believes that every physical ailment stems from an energetic and/or emotional blockage or imbalance.

It is for this reason that Laura includes extra healing modalities into her treatments, such as Reiki sessions, can be beneficial to help calm and de-stress; colour and/or crystal therapy can locate stagnant energy and rebalance the chakra system; flower & crystal essences are a great way to release emotional blockages, etc.

Naturally a comprehensive look at diet and lifestyle along with medical and family history is included in the consultation, here we investigate any deficiencies in these areas as well as any predispositions  to dis-ease.

Laura offers a free 20min wellbeing consultation, if you would like guidance on where to start your journey toward physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, make an appointment to see her today


About Laura:

Adv. Dip. Nat

Reiki Master

ATMS Member

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