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Jessica Valencia


Using premium quality nutritional supplements and herbal medicines to provide you with health solutions and the best strategy for your health goals.

“I began working as a Dispensary Technician many years ago (just over 20 years ago actually but not counting..) when I became intrigued by the supplement department in our Community Pharmacy. I noticed that some of our regular customers were experiencing significant changes and improvements to their health when they expanded their repertoire of regular medications and added in some vitamins, minerals and odd herbals that were emerging into the store. Curiosity made me take a closer look and I took the opportunity to commence some research and studies into what was really going on. It couldn’t all just be ‘placebo’ surely?”

Consultation with Jessica

Jessica's extensive experience in Pharmacy combined with her Qualification in Natural therapies has allowed her, her family and her Clients to benefit from the best and most appropriate treatment for their health needs. Jessica believes we all have our inherent strengths and vulnerabilities and that’s why each person is regarded as an individual in clinic and given an individualised treatment plan.

The Consultation process aims to discover underlying causes for symptoms as well as providing symptom relief. Using premium quality nutritional supplements and herbal medicines to provide you with health solutions and the best strategy for your health goals.

Functional Pathology Testing is available as well as Food Intolerance Testing.

Areas of Special Interest

Jessica has extensive experience in providing guidance and support for:

Digestive issues/Food IntolerancesPyrrole Disorder/KryptopyrroluriaAllergies/hayfeverHormone issues/FertilityEczema/DermatitisImmune Issues/recurrent infections

About Jessica

“I enjoy volunteering my services to a Group Home for Young Adults with Disabilities where my brother (who has Downs Syndrome) lives. I recently helped with implementing a healthy eating program and provided a Post Surgery Treatment Strategy and Plan to promote healing and recovery for one of the clients. I find my work in my brother’s home extremely rewarding and I am always encouraged by the warmth and joy in which it is received.

I enjoy being in Clinical Practice where I can help others experience their optimal health.

I live with my partner and two teenage children who are always willing to encourage me on my professional journey. They have been subjected to taste testing various herbal medicines and volunteered to enjoying interesting meals (some more successful than others).

I look forward to meeting you and providing you with the best treatment plan to achieve your health needs and goals!”

Completed qualifications at one of the leading Australian Colleges in Natural therapies

Registered Naturopath with Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Studies included:

Health Sciences: Anatomy&Physiology, Biochemistry, Symptomotology, Pathology&Diagnosis

Herbal Medicine: Pharmacology/Pharmacognosy

Nutritional Medicine: Vitamins, Minerals, Nutritional biochemistry, Macro Nutrients, Micro nutrients, deficiencies and their consequences on health

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