Top stories for 2015 – Weight Loss is a winner!

The year has flown and it’s time to look back and review the top stories of 2015.

So what did you like best from all the news stories we brought you?

5 Weight Loss stories you loved and shared in 2015

Not surprising Weight Loss was No. 1, when you consider how important all aspects of healthy eating have become. These, together with the rising rates of obesity in the developed world are holding everyone’s attention!

What’s on-trend in Weight Loss?

Based on your feedback, here are Mr Vitamins top weight loss news stories. We hope you enjoy them – and we look forward to bringing you latest developments in weight loss strategies in 2016.

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Could Your Weight Loss Be Increased
By the Type of Fat You Have?

Body awarenessWeight Loss could be highly connected to the type and quantity of the fat you have.

Brown Fat may be the key …

Weight Loss: Where do your
Carbohydrates go?

weight loss with low carbsIf you’re looking to lose weight then monitoring your carbohydrate consumption is a must.

Here are 3 ways you can help weight loss and still enjoy those carbs!

Five factors that will make it
hard to lose body fat permanently

Woman with fat bellyEver wondered why losing weight and then keeping it off is so difficult?

There are many possible reasons and whilst one size does not fit all here are the major 5 factors.

Muffin tops, love handles
and stress

Fat.Your difficulty in achieving your weight loss goals may not be lack of self-control or the wrong diet – the answer could be STRESS.

Elevated levels of the stress hormone Cortisol may be preventing you from losing weight.

9 Steps to Boost Your Fat
Burning and Weight Loss

concept of losing weight with sportAre you keen to get going on your weight loss this year?

If so then you need to know the latest information on fat burning for faster, better weight loss.

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