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Lysozymes: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Lysozymes: What They Are and Why You Need Them | Mr Vitamins
Outside of the average biology class, Lysozymes are not widely discussed. But fortunately, lysozymes do not require acknowledgement to carry out their functions in the body! Lysozymes play a key role in immunity and it’s time that everyone knows about it!

What in the world are Lysozymes?

Naturally produced by your body, lysozymes are a special type of enzyme. They are secreted by your mucous membranes. Consequently, they are found in normal bodily secretions like:
  • Tears
  • Saliva
  • A mother’s milk

The security guards for your body!

In addition to secretions, lysozymes populate other areas of your body that are covered with a mucosal lining. These areas include the:
  • Eye conjunctiva
  • Respiratory pathways including your nose
  • Digestive tract
  • Reproductive organs
If you think about it, these areas experience the greatest exposure to microbes and pathogens. So lysozymes serve as a preliminary, protective line of defense for your immune system.

Lysozymes provide a powerful, anti-microbial effect

As you may know, bacteria use certain techniques to increase their chances of survival while protecting themselves from immune cells. One of those techniques involves forming a tough, outer cell wall made of carbohydrates. Well, lysozymes are capable of breaking those carbohydrate walls and causing bacteria to burst. They also damage the cell walls of yeast making them excellent anti-microbial agents. As an example of the importance of lysozymes for immunity, a study found that children who were fed 'formula' instead of their mother’s milk had reduced levels of lysozymes as well as a greater number of respiratory infections and irritable bowel symptoms.

Boost your Lysozyme levels through your gut

Lysozymes provide even more evidence that your immune health is linked to your gut health. Therefore, you should get started today with taking small steps to improve your immunity through your gut. For some tips on how to do this, just ‘Ask a Naturopath.’