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Wholefoods: What are they and how can they help you be healthier?

Wholefoods: What are they and how can they help you be healthier? | Mr Vitamins
We all know the benefits of eating a balanced diet. By choosing a variety of foods from all the differing food groups, we supply nutrients to the body necessary for a healthy and vital life. But have you ever stopped to consider the source or quality of the foods you are eating? Or pondered how different varieties or sources of the same foods may affect your body differently? Consider bread for a moment.  They all supply your body with energy boosting carbohydrates, but with so many varieties available, making the right nutritional choice can make your head spin. Whether from the supermarket or bakery, you can choose between white bread, brown bread, wholegrain bread or sourdough. There is rye bread, gluten free bread, or soy linseed loafs. With all the different marketing messages about added fibre, added vitamins, or low glycaemic index, all breads sound great. But the simple fact is their perceived value can be very different to their actual value.

Wholefoods vs Non-Wholefoods

Wholefoods are consumed as close their natural state as possible. By doing this, their nutritional content is retained, and their benefits to the body better experienced. When processing does occur with wholefoods, it is limited and actioned in order to improve the absorption of key nutrients, rather than supplying a different need, such as a longer shelf life. Wholefood bread, such as sourdough or true whole grain varieties for example, contain fermented whole flours and grains, combined to supply greater nutrition. The grains have not been pre-softened (as is the case in commercial grainy breads), and the bread spoils over 1-2 days, losing its texture and softness gradually.

Total wellness through wholefoods

When it comes to choosing a wholefood diet, choose foods with minimal processing (think whole, organic milk; & brown rice, wholegrain pasta) and where possible, minimal packaging. If a food is processed (sometimes healthy foods are, and you cannot avoid this, such as tinned chickpeas or lentils), then a simple way to limit confusing healthy and non-healthy foods, is to choose foods with 5 or less ingredients.

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