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What is a Biofilm and how can it affect your health?

What is a Biofilm and how can it affect your health? | Mr Vitamins

A Biofilm, what's that?

A biofilm is formed by a group of micro-organisms, such as bacteria (and fungus), embedded within an extracellular matrix (slimy, gluelike substance) that sticks to a surface such as living tissue and medical devices. As a result, the bacteria protects itself, becoming up to 1000 times more resistant to any treatment given to eradicate it. Living in its own environment, bacteria living in this collective community proliferate, are more resistant to anti-biotics and are able to withstand the host’s own immune defences. In addition some bacteria can adopt an altered physiologic state, further reducing the effectiveness of anti-biotics.

So what does this mean to your health?

The prevalence of bacteria and invasive fungal infections has increased since the 1980s. Understanding that bacteria often exist in a biofilm helps in developing treatment protocols
  • Up to 80% of human bacterial infections are associated with bacteria growing in a biofilm
  • The biofilm enables the bacteria to persist and multiply
  • Some pathogens can evade the host immune system and persist for decades without any symptoms
  • Biofilms can live in your gut and dental plaque in your body but also occur in our environment in soil, rocks, waterways and even surgical instruments
  • Chronic conditions that result may include:
    • candida
    • chronic tonsillitis
    • otitis media (middle ear infections)
    • pneumonia
    • recurrent urinary tract infections
    • bronchitis
    • ulcerative colitis
    • acne vulgaris
    • poor wound healing and many more

How does it effect you?

It is known that biofilms exist easily in your gut. This can mean a change in the balance of your gut flora, resulting in increased intestinal permeability allowing more endotoxins to get into our system. Multiple species of bacteria living in biofilms are often a predisposing factor in the failure of a sore to heal. Candida has the potential to form a drug resistant biofilm. Toenail infections can create a thick impenetrable layer of biofilm.

What can you do about it?

If you are suffering from any chronic disease. breaking down a potential biofilm may help to bring it under control. Treatment can take anything from 3 months to 24 months and has to be done gradually.  The treament protocol includes strengthening the immune system, reducing oxidative stress and following good dietary and lifestyle habits.

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