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Weight loss - A Healthy Mindset

Weight loss - A Healthy Mindset | Mr Vitamins

When you want to lose weight everyone will be happy to tell you what exercises to do, what food to eat, what food to not eat, even how to count your macros if that is your thing¦ But you know what most people don't talk about enough is the mental side to weight loss. For many, this is the hardest part, and that is why it is an important step to work through.

Like many women, if it often is a daily battle to be “healthy? “Do I really need to get out of this warm bed to go walking or can I just go tomorrow?” “Do I really need to do that last exercise, it really seems hard, can I just skip these burpees, isn't what I have don't today enough?” “Do I need to do the cool down stretches, I really just want to get home and have dinner as I am exhausted!”

It is important to remember is we are all doing the best we can. To make this work, it is important to bring it back to the smallest steps. Don't think about the huge boot camp workout that will have you shaking as you stumble out of the gym! Just focus on stepping a foot in the gym, that's your victory.


Here are some tips:

  • When you have to wake up early for a walk or workout, you can either sleep in your activewear, so it's a stumble out of bed or have it laid out at the end of your bed so there is no thought process in getting ready.

  • What little victories can you make today? Sometimes it’s the little lies that you tell yourself that can help you get through. The lies that go something likes “All I have to do is walk for 10 minutes then I can go home”, “Just walk into the gym and go on the treadmill for 10 minutes then you can go home”, when you know as soon as you get started you will go for longer. If that is what you need to get started, then do it!

  • If you think about how much weight you want to lose in total, what is that total number? 15kg or 30kg? It will only ever seem like a giant, unreachable mountain that you could never climb to the top. Instead, start little, focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Fundamentally what we need to be doing is focusing on the little victories the small, consistent actions.

  • The way we live our lives through social media has resulted in a disconnect between us and our bodies. We focus so much on other people, we don't think about how great our legs are to carry us around each day, how great it is that we have boobs, arms, booty, it is all us, we are all women and we are all beautiful. If we think about that, really think about it, and learn to appreciate us for who we are then you will want to go for a walk because that is what makes you feel better, so does the gym and eating good, healthy food. This is what is best for you, not what social media says you need to do to look like a certain person.

  • When you have a shower, this is the perfect opportunity to honour your body, gives thanks to your body and love each and every part of you. So when you come out of the shower and moisturise don't rush, focus on each body part, and recite to yourself, one reason why you love this part of your body, what has it done for you? This little exercise really helps you reconnect with yourself and can have an impact on the health decisions you make as it comes from a place of love.

These little steps to make your decision-making process easier and help you to learn to love the process, and not just focus on the destination.
Article by Naturopath Jaime Chew
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