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8 Ways to address Endometriosis Naturally

8 Ways to address Endometriosis Naturally | Mr Vitamins
Endometriosis is often a hard-to-understand disease. Naturopath Chloe Okorn explains more... With endometriosis, tissue that is similar to the lining of the uterus is found outside this area, yet behaves in the same way uterine tissue does. Each month this tissue grows and sheds when a woman is menstruating. The difference is that this blood does not leave the body, instead, it leaks into surrounding tissues, causing inflammation and immune reactions.

Endometriosis diagnoses is often delayed

This condition is often undiagnosed for up to 8 years after the onset of symptoms, with a diagnosis only reliable by undergoing an invasive surgery! Endometriosis costs the Australian government around $6 billion per year and is more common than people think affecting 1 in 10 women. Symptoms can vary from woman to woman, however, characteristic symptoms that are relatively common amongst sufferers include:
  • painful periods
  • pain upon urination or during defecation
  • pain during intercourse and
  • pain at other times of the month aside from menstruation
However, it is important to point out here that some women who have Endometriosis have no symptoms whatsoever, which clearly indicates how difficult this condition can be to diagnose.

8 Ways to address Endometriosis

  1. Minimise exposure to xenoestrogens: these compounds contribute to causing oestrogen excess, a known hormonal driver of this condition. Where possible eliminate non-organic dairy products, beef, chicken and increase nutrient rich foods. These include: cruciferous vegetables, wild caught fish, and fibre all of which support clearance of oestrogen from the body
  2. Follow a Whole Foods Diet: eliminate refined carbohydrates and eat small regular meals to support insulin metabolism as this is important for hormonal balance also. This also means limiting alcohol.
  3. Maintain a healthy body weight: being overweight can result in the production of extra oestrogen within stored fat cells increasing the progression of the condition and exacerbating symptoms.
  4. Include a high-quality fish oil supplement in your health care plan: these fatty acids have anti-inflammatory actions which have been shown in research to reduce symptom severity. High doses are required to achieve this result and the supplement must be high quality to avoid ingestion of heavy metals.
  5. Remove all plastic from your life: plastics have chemicals within them which leach out into food when heated that mimic the effect of oestrogen in the body which can exacerbate endometriosis symptoms.
  6. Castor Oil Packs: can help to reduce pain and inflammation especially when combined with essential oils such as Ginger and Clary Sage to assist with reducing swelling and improving pelvic circulation
  7. Turmeric: powerful anti-inflammatory and immune modulating herb that can promote regression of Endometrial lesions.
  8. Remove sugar from your diet: commonly found in women suffering from Endometriosis is an overgrowth of yeast which can worsen symptoms and prevent successful treatment. Removal of all refined sugars, alcohol, dried fruits, high GI fruits and vegetables is a good place to start as well as reading food labels to ascertain how much sugar is in many of the products which are on supermarket shelves. You may be surprised to learn that sugar is in virtually every sauce and savoury product we use!
Endometriosis can cause a lot of pain and difficulty for women. The fact is you don’t have to suffer. There is a lot that can be done to bring relief of your symptoms.

Naturopath Chloe Okorn

Chloe Okorn NaturopathMr Vitamins Naturopath Chloe Okorn specialises in Women’s Health, Menstrual Issues and Fertility. If you are suffering from Endometriosis, or experience symptoms you suspect are Endometriosis, book in for a consultation to begin addressing this condition and find relief today. Find out more about Chloe here   References