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Top Tips for Cough Relief: Know the best time to take your herbs

CoughingKnowing how to help your body during each of the three phases of infection could give your recovery from coughing a head start.

1. Resistance Phase

What happens: This is your opportunity to build resistance to potential infections before you get sick. What can you do: Specific immune herbs are helpful during the resistance phase because they can help:
  1. Promote immunehealth
  2. Strengthen your resistance to recurrent upper respiratory infections
  3. Support a healthy stress response
Consider taking Fusion® Health Astra 8 Immune Tonic 2 tablets once daily to promote a healthy immune system, especially throughout winter.

2. Infection Phase

What happens: This is the beginning of an infection and when you may start to feel symptoms such as a sore throat, niggling coughor running nose. What can you do? If you get a cough taking specific herbs can help:
  1. Relieve coughs caused by bronchial congestion and common colds and flu
  2. Soothe bronchial airways
  3. Support respiratory health
At first signs of coughing consider taking Fusion® Health Cough Lung Tonic 2-3 tablets or 7-10ml of liquid one to three times daily. If you have a coldor flu, it’s a good time to take immune stimulating herbs that can help;
  1. Activate your body’s defences, preparing you to fight infection
  2. Improve your body’s response to colds, flu and upper respiratory infections
  3. Reduce the severity and duration of symptoms
You can combine your Cough Lung Tonic for continued respiratory support, with Fusion® Health Cold & Flu, containing immune stimulating herbs. Watch this quick video on how to relieve coughing associated with cold, flu and upper respiratory infections

3. Recovery Phase

What happens: Your body starts to recover during this important phase of recuperation. What can you do: Consider taking herbs that can help;
  1. Promote recovery during convalescence
  2. Restore Defensive Qi (vital energy), which can become depleted after illness
  3. Support a healthy immune system
If you need extra help to get you on your feet again while convalescing, continue taking your Cough Lung Tonic and team it with Fusion® Health Astra 8 Immune Tonic Watch this quick video on how to help recovery during convalescence

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