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Top Essential Oil Tips for Use Around Your Home

Top Essential Oil Tips for Use Around Your Home | Mr Vitamins

Here's some practical advice for using essential oils

Known for their great versatility essential oils have many uses in your home, as well as making it smell great! Here are just a few uses for some of the most popular oils

Gum Leaves


Eucalyptus is a great solvent; use it for removing sticky things anywhere!
  • Chewing gum from shoes,
  • Labels from almost anything (be careful with varnished items as essential oils can strip varnish).
  • And my favourite, grease from the kitchen range hood, leaving behind a lovely fresh scent.

Citrus oils

lemon essential oilCitrus oils have a short use by date, don’t waste them!  So long as they smell okay, you can use them in the mop bucket for cleaning the kitchen or bathroom floors.  They will:
  • De-grime
  • Kill germs
  • Leave behind a lovely scent

Lemon myrtle

I love this oil!!  A fresh, calming scent combined with the energy of a lovely warm hug from mother earth. Very comforting, but also useful as it can help with:
  • Eliminating unpleasant odours
  • Keeping microbes, fungi and viruses away
  • Keeping insects away, it has a similar chemistry to citronella and can be sprinkled in door and window tracks to discourage insects.  I have used it in a spray for years to successfully keep lice away from my favourite niece

Clary sage, Salvia sclareaClary Sage

This is my go to oil for:
  • Dealing with PMS cramps, in fact any muscular cramps
  • Encouraging labour in full term pregnancy
  • Creating a relaxed atmosphere for a dinner party

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