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Top 7 Spring Allergy Busters

Top 7 Spring Allergy Busters | Mr Vitamins
Spring heralds the arrival of warmer weather and with it comes an increase in respiratory allergens such as pollens, dust and grasses. If you’re one of those unlucky hay fever or sinusitis sufferers, it means bouts of sneezing, a runny nose, headaches, insomnia and watery, itchy eyes. This spring, take a proactive approach to boost your immune system and reduce your risk of full blown allergy symptoms with our top 7 allergy busters.

Your immune system and allergies

When you're allergic to something, your immune system mistakenly believes that this substance is harmful to your body so establishes a protective defence mechanism that triggers the release of histamine and other inflammatory chemicals that cause inflammation and irritation, producing your allergy symptoms. Providing immune and anti-inflammatory support while relieving annoying symptoms will put a spring back in your step.

Top 7 allergy busters:

  1. Horseradish helps to thin down thick mucus congestion, making it easier to clear respiratory congestion. Horseradish also provides antimicrobial support, contains vitamin C and is often combined with Garlic as part of a herbal decongestant tonic.
  1. Eyebrightis traditionally used to relieve hayfever and sinusitis, nasal irritation and inflammation, and excess mucus discharges. Eyebright is an important mucous membrane tonic, particularly for the upper respiratory tract and nasal passages.
  1. Garlic has a long traditional use for its immune enhancing activity and its potent antimicrobial effects. Garlic relieves mucus congestion of the upper respiratory tract and nasal passages.
  1. Baical scullcap is a well-known anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory herb that prevents allergic reactions by reducing the production of inflammatory chemicals and histamine.
  1. Vitamin C is a potent natural antihistamine that helps to lessen the symptoms of an allergic response. Vitamin C boosts immune function and dampens inflammation, helping to protect your body from allergen exposure.
  1. Quercetin provides natural antihistamine activity by preventing the release of histamine and other inflammatory chemicals for the quick relief of allergic symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing and itchy, watery eyes.
  1. Medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Shiitake and Cordyceps have a long history of medicinal use across many cultures that support immune function on many different levels. Medicinal mushrooms help to maintain a healthy, strong immune system and to relieve symptoms of upper respiratory tract allergies.

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