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The Shocking Truth About 40 Teaspoons of Sugar Per Day!

The Shocking Truth About 40 Teaspoons of Sugar Per Day! | Mr Vitamins

That Sugar Film – the bitter truth

Described as ‘one man’s journey to discover the bitter truth about sugar’... This fascinating documentary follows Victorian man Damon Gameau as he increases his sugar consumption simply by increasing intake of so-called ‘healthy’ foods in his daily diet.

Did you know that the average Australian consumes more than 40 teaspoons of sugar a day?!

Over the course of 60 days during the documentary, Damon increases his intake of ‘health’ foods such as low-fat yoghurts, skim milk, fruit juices, muesli bars, dried fruit, cereals, sports drinks and packaged sauces and dressings to show the effect that hidden sugars has on our health. No soft drinks, confectionary, chocolate or ice-cream were allowed during the experiment. Sticking to the same intake of calories as before the experiment, Damon ends up with an increase in his waistline, visceral fat deposits and an 8.5kg weight gain; low energy and lacklustre skin; increased triglycerides, and the beginnings of insulin resistance and fatty liver. All after only 60 days. A must see movie that will open your eyes to the world of hidden sugars that is all around us, and the effect that sugar could be having on your health.   Consulting with a qualified practitioner can help you on your journey to reducing sugar and improving your health.

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  Some additional resources to help with reducing sugar intake and education: - shows how much sugar is in common soft drinks, plus a calculator to work out how long it takes to burn off the sugar in a soft drink by walking