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The 3 Best Foods for fast Weight Loss

The 3 Best Foods for fast Weight Loss | Mr Vitamins
Eating healthy food is the best way to fast weight loss.  Restricting the amount that you eat through counting calories or skipping meals isn’t sustainable in the long run. Quick but permanent weight loss is best achieved by changing the types of foods that you eat.

What are the 3 best foods for weight loss?

1.    Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains a unique kind of fat called medium chain fatty acids - MUFAs. These are different in both structure and function to the types of saturated fats found in animals and in fact, human breast milk is the only other major source of them. Unlike other long chain fatty acids, the MUFAs are considered to be “good fats” because they are taken straight to the liver and turned into energy. This helps to speed up metabolism which in turns leads to faster weight loss. Researchers have discovered that people who consumed two tablespoons of coconut oil per day burned more calories than those who ate less. Top food for weight loss = Coconut speeds up metabolism

2.    Eggs

Just like coconut oil, eggs developed a bad reputation because it was thought that they caused an increase in cholesterol. That idea has now been debunked as bad science, and you can feel free to eat eggs as often as you like. And don’t be afraid of the yolk: the majority of the health giving nutrients is found here. Research published in the International Journal of Obesity found that when people ate 2 eggs for breakfast, they lost 65% more weight than people who consumed bagels even though the calorie content of the meal was the same. Importantly, there was no difference in the cholesterol levels after the eight week trial, even with one group eating 10 eggs a week. It is thought that eating eggs reduces appetite later in the day. Top food for weight loss = Eggs reduce appetite

3.   Green tea

Green tea is a truly amazing food to include in your diet. It contain masses of antioxidants to protect your cells, a compound which speeds up your metabolism and reduces the calories that you absorb plus an amino acid called L-theanine which can help reduce food cravings. Green tea drinkers produce more alpha brain waves, the same ones that we produce in states of deep relaxation such as meditation. This relaxed, but not sedated, state makes stress-related food cravings much easier to resist. Top food for weight loss = Green tea reduces cravings