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The 3-Minute Workout Plan

The 3-Minute Workout Plan | Mr Vitamins

Want results fast?

When making exercise plans and goals, you might think that the longer you workout, the more effective you’ll be. But recent studies show that you can improve your fitness or maintain your fitness with as little as a 3-minute workout per week.

So what is the 3-minute workout plan?

It involves High-Intensity Interval training. With HIIT, you alternate between short bursts of intense exercise (like 10-20 secs. of sprinting) with recovery periods (such as 1-2 min of walking). The higher intensity exercise creates a metabolic demand that is effective for long-term fat loss and your conditioning. The lower intensity periods let you recover.

Michael Moseley's research

In 2012, Michael Moseley, a British Journalist, introduced the idea that traditional endurance programmes might not bring about improvements in aerobic fitness for everybody. That same year, scientists at Nottingham University who measured Moseley’s reaction to high intensity training recorded a 30 per cent improvement in his insulin metabolism. That means his body’s ability to move glucose out of the bloodstream and into muscle tissue, where it is of benefit, improved. If you are thinking of starting a 3-minute workout plan, we recommend trying an exercise bike, as it engages all muscles and puts less stress on your joints.

The Moseley 3-Minute Workout

  • Warm up – Warm up for a minute or so
  • Interval 1 – Pedal hard for 20 seconds. Rest.
  • Interval 2 – Repeat Interval 1. Rest.
  • Interval 3 – Repeat Interval 1. Rest.
Repeat the above three times a week.

The benefits of the 3-minute workout plan and high intensity interval training

  • Losing body fat (while retaining lean body mass)
  • You strengthen your cardiovascular system
  • You develop the ability to tolerate a high level of intensity for a longer period
  • You develop mental toughness
HIIT is efficient. You get more out of your training with less time spent. You also give your joints a break if you log 3 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training versus going on a 45-minute jog.

High Intensity Interval Training elevates your stress hormones

Doing high intensity interval training creates a crisis state in your body. Basically, you’re endangering oxygen supply to your tissues, increasing your body temperature, and reducing body fluids. If you over train, you can cause tissue damage.

High intensity exercise stresses your body so much that it is forced to adapt

If you have any health issues, we recommend checking with your doctor before you decide to do high intensity interval training.