How to tell Authentic Manuka Honey from the fakes!

How to tell Authentic Manuka Honey from the fakes! | Mr Vitamins

Do you trust that all the food you buy and eat is the very best quality? You’d like to believe you can! However to be sure, you look for reassurance from others, you do a bit of research and you rely on the brand name of the product. Manuka Honey is one food where authenticity is key. So how do you know you’re purchasing the real thing and not a fake?


Authentic Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is one of nature’s most prized foods, being created naturally by bees, feeding on one particular plant, in one particular location. Not all Manuka honey is created equal. So what sets this honey apart from the others and makes Manuka Honey authentic?
  • the people
  • the production plant
  • the flower
  • the beehives
  • the bees

That’s right. All of these things. New Zealand’s Leptospermum Scoparium flower is the magic of this high demand honey. Bees gather nectar from the Manuka flowers growing in the unique climate and sour soils of New Zealand’s vast untouched and unpolluted countryside. A picture is worth 1000 words - watch this lovely video about the beehives in this pristine and beautiful location.


Honey Benefits? Similar but different

All ‘real’ honey can be beneficial, but the benefits vary according to where it’s grown, the floral source and integrity of producers. Most Australian Manuka Honey comes from the Leptospermum Polygalifolium flower and is better known as ‘Jelly
Bush honey’, it is a dark, runny honey with a jelly like consistency and slightly bitter taste.


Quality and sustainability

Manuka Health is committed to sustainable practices in beekeeping, harvesting and processing to protect the environment and care for our hardworking bees. From the beekeeping operations through to production of the finished product, our methods carefully preserve the purity of the honey. Whether you use it topically or you want the best ‘nutrient dense’ food for overall wellbeing, be sure you buy premium Manuka honey you can trust. Great care is taken to protect
the natural property of our
Manuka honey, temperatures in our processing plant never exceeding the natural temperature of the beehive. Strict quality control system provides full traceability from beehive to shelf.


Manuka Honey Rating – what number can you trust?

Manuka Honey benefits are well researched and documented. If you aren’t sure, ask the friendly staff at Mr Vitamins – they are Manuka Honey experts. Manuka Health developed and pioneered the MGO™ Manuka Honey rating to clearly identify and grade Manuka honey to give customers assurance of quality and authenticity.


How much of the Manuka quality ingredient is in each pot?

The MGO rating is based on scientific evidence confirming that naturally occurring photochemical - methylglyoxal (or MGO) is one of the key compounds and quality marker of premium Manuka Honey. MGO levels can greatly vary. Manuka Health tests every batch to guarantee the MGO content clearly indicated on the label. What you see is what you get – clear content labelling.


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