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A sweeter way to Skin Care and Repair

A sweeter way to Skin Care and Repair | Mr Vitamins
For centuries, honey has been used as the natural sweetener and healer for ordinary people as well as their warriors. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Romans all used honey to treat wounds and battle scars (1). Fast forward a few thousand years and now we find that even the medical community has acknowledged the benefits of using this traditional healing agent. Manuka honey is particularly remarkable for skin care.

How does Manuka honey work on your skin?

  1. Speeds healing
  2. Fights and prevents infection
  3. Helps clean the skin by absorbing excess fluid
  4. Maintains a moisture-balanced and low-pH environment ideal for healing
  5. Helps prevent scab formation and scarring

Manuka Honey for Skin Healing

Is it really that good? Is it the best for skin healing? The fame and world attention has created significant scientific interest, research, and evidence that one of the most proven uses for Manuka honey is to put it on you rather than in you. Manuka Honey lends itself perfectly to common skin problems such as dry, irritated, bacteria prone skin issues that can respond quickly to topical applications. Manuka honey is a natural skincare alternative to standard options as it is gentle, cooling and moisturising on the skin. Even great for sunburn! Manuka honey is safe for all ages, from infants to elderly, even animals – so no need to panic if one of the kids or pets decides to eat it or lick it off! Ask Mr Vitamin’s friendly staff which Manuka Health product is right for your skin problem!

Manuka Honey’s 5 top unique properties

Manuka honey has been widely researched and shown to possess unique skin healing properties, particularly for stubborn skin issues. 
  1. Manuka honey has powerful and prolonged antibacterial action. Clinical studies show it is effective against a wide variety of bacteria including antibiotic-resistant strains. (2)
  2. Manuka honey has a direct anti-inflammatory action and stimulates natural repair when applied topically. (3)
  3. Manuka honey may help clear skin issues while protecting the new healthy tissue.
  4. Manuka honey is a humectant, drawing excess fluid away while maintaining a moist site beneficial for healing.
  5. Manuka Honey is an emollient for general skin care, helping to soften, soothe and protect skin against dryness and cracking.
Your skin is your body’s first line of defence – it protects you in countless ways. Look after your skin and it will look after you!

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