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Boosting lung and immune health for the cold and flu season

Boosting lung and immune health for the cold and flu season | Mr Vitamins
Boosting lung and immune health for the cold and flu season can help to reduce your risk of becoming ill, or if you do become ill, recover much faster. Continual lung exposure to airborne household chemicals and environmental pollutants can lead to free radical damage, resulting in inflammation, reduced lung function and respiratory symptoms. Your immune system on the other hand is a surveillance system, constantly monitoring and protecting your state of health, helping to reduce your risk of catching colds, flu and respiratory tract infections. Signs of an unhealthy immune system include decreased resistance to bacterial and viral infections, recurrent infections, prolonged recovery after illness and a feeling of being fatigued. Many of the herbs used to boost lung and immune health also have the added benefit of providing symptomatic relief for several respiratory conditions. Top 8 herbs to boost lung and immune health
  1. Adhatoda is one of the best-known herbs for many chronic respiratory complaints. Adhatoda dilates the bronchial tubes and reduces respiratory spasms to assist breathing and to relieve chest tightness, breathlessness, non-productive cough and wheezing. Adhatoda is an effective expectorant that helps to clear mucus from the respiratory tract, relieve coughs and to reduce inflammation.
  2. Albiziais traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for respiratory complaints including clearing mucus from the lungs, to relieve respiratory allergies and to help clear, remove and detoxify toxins in the respiratory system.
  3. Elecampane is traditionally considered one of the best herbs for lung complaints, it also helps to strengthen the lungs and sustain the strength of the lungs in those affected by chronic disorders of the respiratory tract.
  4. Ivy leafprovides specific anti-inflammatory activity for the lungs, helping to reduce inflammation and irritation. Ivy leaf also helps to thin down thick mucus in the respiratory tract making it easier to eliminate.
  5. Licorice relieves coughs and is an expectorant which clears mucus from the chest and respiratory tract. It’s considered a relaxing expectorant as it reduces excess mucus by relaxing spasms to promote natural expectoration. Licorice also provides soothing and anti-inflammatory activity, beneficial for relieving inflammation and irritation of the mucous surfaces of the lungs and bronchi.
  6. Medicinal mushroomssuch as Reishi, Shiitake, Turkey tail and Cordyceps provide potent antiviral activity with a long traditional use in maintaining a strong healthy immune system and to strengthen the lungs. Medicinal mushrooms also help to relieve symptoms such as coughs and mucus congestion associated with colds, flu and mild upper respiratory tract infections.
  7. Thyme is traditionally used to treat the lungs and clear mucus from the upper respiratory tract, and is specifically indicated for coughs and bronchitis. Thyme provides anti-inflammatory support and antimicrobial activity which helps to reduce the risk of potential infections by bacteria and viruses associated with colds, flu and respiratory tract infections.
  8. White horehound is a specific lung herb, traditionally used to treat both productive and non-productive coughs, through its expectorant activity which clears mucus from the lungs and helps to relax unproductive coughing spasms.

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