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Stress busting with essential oils and Aromatherapy

Stress busting with essential oils and Aromatherapy | Mr Vitamins
We all need a little stress in our lives, as it can be a motivator and energiser, but too much is a killer, literally.  Stress creates chemical responses in your body that are damaging if you are constantly exposed to them, but you already know that! Getting rid of the source of stress in your life and going for a holiday would be great but not always practical, so let me share with you some easy and practical ways to bring stress management into the little things you can do throughout the day using essential oils.

Essential Olls for Stress Relief

Roman Chamomile

A lovely floral oil with a gentle balancing and an overall calming effect.


Used in meditation to help deepen the breath. Ever notice how taking a deep breath can be calming?  Used also in religious ceremony for grief, this oil is helpful when you need to ‘let go’.


Another beautiful oil often used in prayer and meditation because of its ability to calm, centre and provide a sense of groundedness. A good oil to use when you feel your boundaries have been trampled.


Use around children or for a lighter scent, mandarin reminds us that life is not all about work and that we also need to play sometimes.


For a more refreshing scent Lime can re-energise you while providing a lovely sweet citrus note to any blend.


A fresh smelling, head clearing oil great for headaches or when overwhelmed with too much going on.

Your favourite Essential Oil

It doesn’t matter whether your favourite oil is considered a good stress oil or not, because if it makes you feel good then its right for you.  Your nose knows best as it has a direct link to the emotional centre of your brain.  Breathe it in and notice how it makes you feel. Any of these oils can be combined into an aroma you find appealing.  When using in an oil diffuser, add a drop or two of any 3 oils, and adjust the aroma if needed by adding an extra drop. Learn How to use Essential Oils for stress relief and more These are just a few ideas, and there are many essential oils each with their own unique properties to choose from. Maria is available for consultations at the Mr Vitamins store at 394 Victoria Avenue on Mondays and Fridays.