ADHD medication causes stunted growth: Natural Alternatives

ADHD medication causes stunted growth: Natural Alternatives | Mr Vitamins
Boys on ADHD photo Mr Vitamins Nutritionist Karen Ball responds to a recent ABC News report about the effects of ADHD medication: A recent study by the University of Sydney found that adolescent boys treated with ADHDmedication for 3 years or longer to be ‘growing more slowly’ than their peers of similar age, both in height and weight. Australia’s national news organisation ABC reported the story this week.

Beware of ADHD medication side effects

Typical ADHD medications prescribed in Australia include the stimulants dexamphetamine and methylphenidate, more commonly known as Ritalin or Concerta.  These prescription medications carry a long list of side effects, including loss of appetite, weight loss and slowing of growth in height.

Natural alternatives for ADHD support

There are a number of natural alternatives to help support you and your child with behavioural concerns such as ADHD:
  • Increase omega 3 intake, especially DHA, for improved concentration and memory
  • Ensure correct supplementation with minerals and essential vitamins
  • Encourage healthy gut function with probiotics and a non-inflammatory diet
  • Avoidance of ‘trigger’ foods, such as processed carbohydrates, sugar and artificial colours and additives
Make sure to ‘Ask a Naturopath’ any questions you may have about natural treatment of ADHD as well as simple dietary changes in your daily life that can help manage the behaviour of your child. More about the side effects of ADHD medications from NSW Health here…

Meet Nutritionist Karen Ball

Karen is a degree qualified nutritionist, having graduated from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies and Charles Sturt University in Australia, with further qualifications in iridology. Karen’s work in child development and education led to an interest between nutrition and behavioural issues in children. Working with families of autistic and ADHD children, the link between food as medicine became clearer, and she realised that combining her passion of healthy food with nutritional studies would provide the answers she was seeking. With a strong interest in traditional foods from around the world and most recently developing an enthusiasm in all things raw , Karen strongly believes that food should be fun, fresh and exciting, and is impassioned to sharing the news with everyone, to help them achieve their full potential in health and happiness.